Download Napster Music App for Android (Latest Version)

Napster is a wonderful music and radio app, that lets you download music for offline playback, and create playlists of your favorite songs. The Napster app is fantastic for listening to your favorite tracks on demand. It offers 30-day free trial today and gains access to over 40+ millions songs. After your 30 days, free trial period Napster charges a monthly fee. During this free trial, you can download many songs as you like. There’s no commitment, you can cancel anytime on the web or on your mobile. This post will take you to some of the features of Napster Music and reviews. Also, Napster Subscription Plans and link to download Download Napster App for Android. Napster is one of the top Music & Radio app available for Android and iOS.

Napster is similar to other services like Spotify. It lets you search for specific music tracks, artists, or albums, and play them on demand. The upside is that there are no listening restrictions (as you would get with an Internet radio app), and you can download music for offline listening.

Download Napster Music App for Android (Latest Version)

Features of Napster Music App

Let’s have a look at some of the main features of Napster Music app which makes it one of the best choices for music streaming and downloads.

Simple Interface – A search button and play controls live on the top and bottom of the screen, respectively, which makes it especially easy to find and play music, even if you’re browsing deep within one of the menus. After you find your favorite song, you can download it for offline listening or add it to your queue, library, or playlist. There’s also a link to purchase the song from iTunes.

Napster has an interface that is very easy to use and pretty intuitive. The Home screen opens up to a few convenient shortcut tabs that take you to My Music, For You, Featured Albums, New Releases, and Popular, and the rest of the app’s basic functions are housed in a nifty sliding navigation panel on the left side of the screen.

Napster Music is Ad-free – in Napster, you won’t find any annoying advertisements which you find in most music streaming service. It allows users to stream to hundreds of devices also allow you to download millions of songs and comes with several features such as high-quality audio along with advanced artist and radio songs straight to your device for offline music playback. It also allows to create your soundtrack and build playlists for your every mood and without the internet connection. Also, you can share your favorite playlists with your Facebook friends and on other popular social networking sites and messaging apps.

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Find Your Music Match section compare your musical tastes with other listeners and lets you discover great new music from people just like you.

Trending Today – this section lets you find trending music from your friends and members similar to you, all in one playlist which is updated on a daily basis.

Follow Playlists & Publish Your Own – You can follow any playlists from millions of other subscribers and other music experts. You can also create your own custom public playlists and share with friends. With Napster Music creating custom playlists is easy. It has a nice Playlist Maker to help you set up your own. As you create your own playlist, the Napster Music app will give you suggestions based on your Playlist and the kinds of music you listen to.

All you have to do is just swipe right to add a song to your Playlist. You can also customize your custom playlists with an amazing animated GIF from its integrated GIPHY. You can share your creation with friends.

Good Sound Quality – If you have been listening to music using different music streaming service or music apps, you won’t disappoint with Napster Music. Because Napster Music offers a good sound quality and you won’t complain about it. The Napster music app has a maximum bit rate of 192kbps which is pretty decent for normal listening. If you are looking higher or better sound quality than you better consider using like Spotify.

Listen What You like – One of the smart features of Napster Music app is that it lets you listen to your music taste. The app lets you search for your favorites artists or pick out one of their albums or by the record label. Just open a playlist created by another user or make your own mix using the Mixer feature. The Mixer feature is one of Napster’s best features. Napster app allows users to control the flow of music at all times. There is a bar on either side of the screen showing what’s coming next. It has an endless Playback feature which is cool for those who wants to all day long. The player picks the songs based on your previous listening history.

Auto Kids & Mode – Napster app for Android has a smart feature which lets you switch the mode. Napster has two modes- Auto and Kids. The Auto mode lets you listen to your music as you like. When using Auto Mode, The Auto Mode lets you access your favorite music quickly accessible while driving or traveling. However, the Kids Mode allows parents to control or set up songs or playlist which they think appropriate for their kids. The Kids also have a curated playlists curated by Napster for children who are under 10 years of age.

Set the mood – This is another good feature of Napster Music. You can set the kinds of music you want to hear. You can find the perfect songs or genres from a catalog of millions of songs. Whether if you are looking for the latest trending songs for your party or just want to unwind to your favorite playlist, Napster got it for you.

It has different Themes and Genres which you can browse. Themes such as Top Picks, Moods, Activities, Featured, decades and many more. It also has all kinds of music genres which you can browse through.

Offline Download Music – This another big feature of Napster, that lets users download any songs for offline listening. However, to download songs, you need to get a membership or subscribed to the Napster Music. This is a good feature if you want to keep your most loved songs available for listening offline. You can take your music wherever you go and listen from your phone, desktop or any audio devices. With membership, there are no limits on download, you will get access to more than 30 million songs. See below for pricing.

Napster also has the option to put in Offline mode or use it in Airplane mode. On offline or Airplane mode, you can play your saved songs or offline contents. This is one great approach by Napster to let users manage their tracks and save their favorites songs for offline listening. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about your data or poor or no network connection. And it is extremely helpful while in a flight or traveling.

Napster Radio – To add more to options and music choices, Napster has a Radio integrated into its app. Like the normal search function, you can search for any songs or genres. If you don’t how to make use of the Napster Radio feature see the instructions below.

Using Napster Radio Stations

Just head over to the Radio Home Screen. Swipe up & down for more sections, go to the Main menu and Search. Go to the Settings and start Creating Stations. Here all the options such as Favorites, History, Napster Stations, Popular and Featured section.

Tap My Stations from the Home screen. Tap on the + icon to remove a station. To see programmed stations, Tap a genre. To start playing just Tap a station name.

Social – Napster app integrated social function such as sharing and connecting your social profile with the app. With this function, you can easily connect your Napster account to Facebook. Napster then pulls your social information and your friends as well. From this, it enables you to see what music your friends like by examining based on their likes and profiles.


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Napster App Additional Information

Last Updated: February 2, 2018.
Size: It varies with the device on Android. On iOS it is 180 MB.
Current Version: On Android, it varies with device. Version 5.15 on iOS.
Requirements:  For Android, it needs 4.0 and up. For iOS, it requires iOS 9.3 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Content Rating: Napster is Rated for 12+
Digital Purchases: Yes
Developed and Offered By: Rhapsody International, Inc.

Supported Languages: English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

That’s it on Napster download. If you are looking for more mp3 downloader and music apps, feel free to check out from below and other listings on this site.

Napster Music Subscription Plans

Napster has four Subscriptions such as unRadio at $4.99/mo, Premier at $99.99/mo, Family at $14.99/mo and Premier +1 at $14.99/mo. If you are not yet ready to subscribe to these plans, you can always try the trial version. For the first 30 days, it is free and you can also cancel anytime. During this period, you can access all the features and download as many songs as you like. Please do note that the Family Plan has sub-plans, depending on the number of family members. So you are advised to check out from the official website of Napster.

Download Napster App for Android

Napster is available for downloads at your respective app store. For Android users, you can get it directly from Google Play Store. To work Napster on your phone, it requires at least Android 4.0.3 and up running.

For iOS users, you can get it from Apple official app store iTunes. For iOS, it is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and it requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.

Summing Up!

overall, Napster Music App for Android is a good music app with a huge database. And a lot of playlists according to one’s liking. To be honest, there is one area that needs to be improved are the Artist radio stations. Currently, the app seems to create a station based on the current song playing and not on the genre that users are trying to listen to.

The latest ear print feature is another cool feature. With this, you won’t believe how awesome it was to hear the music balance out so evenly. In most other music apps, they only give the options to adjust the levels. If you are looking for a non- stop music experience with lots of songs, Napster is a good app to consider. Download Napster App for Android now and see for your self.

Last updated on February 26, 2018.

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