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Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft is an app that lets you stream and download any song you like from its huge database. All the songs in Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft are provided under the Copyleft and Creative Commons License. The allows you to quickly discover songs, you can find songs by album, the artist within the app´s search functions.

Apart from listening to music directly through the app, Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft also lets you store the music in your device external memory. The app has a simple interface and easy to use, you can preview or play any songs through its inbuilt player before downloads. The App also allows users to create a playlist, group songs by genre such as hip hop, pop rock and many more.

Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft

Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft is one of the best choices among the many alternatives available to download and listen to on Android devices. Currently, this app is available only for Android devices. It requires Android 2.2 and up running. The app is super lightweight it comes at just 2.5 MB. So far this app has received more than 1.17k likes and more than 1.6 million downloads.

Features of Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft

Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft enables you to listen to download songs which are available under the Copyleft and Creative Commons License. With this app, you can get any sort of album, artist, and song through the app´s search feature.

Along with playing music directly within the program, Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft additionally enables you to store the music on your memory card. In this way, you can fill your Android with a great deal of free music in a few minutes.

Once you go, you can benefit from the music while the document downloads. By also downloading the file, you have a local copy that you just enjoy without an internet connection. The user interface is quite straightforward and it has three main tabs: Search, Downloads and Player. The Search tab is the place where you’re going to be able to discover songs based on song title, album, artist, genre etc.

The Downloads tab indicates a record of songs downloaded. From the Player tab, you’ll have the ability to set up playlists and control your own playlist. Additionally, there is a built-in player where you can use to tune in to music out of other tabs.

Copyleft music MP3 helps you play music, find songs, capture ringtones, watching videos, finding anything, streaming music. For those who require music downloader, music search, music player, mp3 download, cover art, music discovery, ringtones, Download Copyleft music MP3 may be your best quality music app.

Though Audio MP3 Download Free Copyleft is demonstrated as something that manicures a copyleft catalog, which is not really enforced. You’ll discover all sorts of songs, including copyrighted materials you may access free of charge. Whether that is a problem depends on the user. However, it’s really a shame that someone who comes to the app expecting a very important factor may find something quite distinct.

App Additional Information

License: Free
OS Supported: Android
Requirement: Android 2.2.x and up
Support Language: English (10 more)
Developed & Offered by: Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft
Security level: 100% safe
Size: 2.5MB
Permissions: 6
Last Update: 11.26.13
Package Name:

Feedback and Reviews on Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft

Let me give some reviews and feedback on this amazing app from some honest users;

Sonia: Unlike most music downloading apps, Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft is virus free. However, it seems to be pretty good at finding covers of the songs you want instead of the actual song. My advice is almost definitely to download it, and I hope your experience is as good as mine.

James: This is probably the only music app that actually works perfectly. Fewer ads which are great of course. Thank you so much for bringing us this app that works great. There is just one thing though. When I search up a song I want it just comes up with a bunch of covers and remixes. That’s greatness of this app.

Mikey: It really downloads music fast and free. It has all of the songs I’ve looked up to. The only downside is that when you download the song it doesn’t keep the name of the song and just puts random numbers. But still an awesome music app.

Gracy: I just downloaded it. Started downloading music like crazy. In the first 10 minutes. This app is amazing! I do recommend it to anyone who wants to listen to music on the go.

John: I always end up finally finding an app that actually works, but it seems like every time that I do a few months later the app stops working or is removed! I’m giving this app 5 stars because it does work and is easy to use. I’m just hoping that in a few months that it works the same as it does now.

James; One of the best Apps from its kind. Love it! One disadvantage: It’s difficult to find German music such as the Wise Guys because I think the App prefers English titles. It’s fine for English songs.

Tommy: Absolute the best music downloader. I’m not even kidding when I say that this app is the best music downloader and player. I love it because I don’t have to use all my data on online music. Instead, I just download my favorites songs and listen to them offline, not only that, but this app has all of the best music. That also 100% free.

Download Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft

To stay safe from unwanted and harmful viruses, it is recommended that you download apk only from the link we have provided. There are numerous sites offering apks that are often infected with malware. These malware or viruses can seriously damage to your phone. Download here MP3 Download Free CopyLeft

If you are installing apk for the first time and unable to install. Just go to your phone Settings and then head over to Security Settings. Under Security Settings, look for “Unknown Sources”. Now enabled or mark “Unknown Sources” to allow installation of apks. This will allow installation of apps outside of Play Store.

Summing up….

That’s it on Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft. In all honesty, thinking about the features offered by the app, it is worth downloading. We are confident that you won’t regret downloading this app.

This post was last updated on May 19, 2018.

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  19. I used to love this app but it doesnt work anymore. When I search for anything I just get an ad for a ringtone.

  20. What is going on? I love this app, but for awhile now cannot get anything from it. Is there a update that I should get? If so how?

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