SoundCloud Downloader for Android [Latest Version]

SoundCloud is no doubt one of the few music app players and mp3 music downloader app available on the market right now. The service is completely free and offers thousands of free tracks of the different genres-hip hop, rock, electronic, classical, house, jazz, audiobooks, sports and many more. This makes it one of the greatest place to discover new music. SoundCloud Downloader for Android is your one-stop destination for not just listening to songs but also for going through audiobooks and podcasts.

It has a huge collection of songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. SoundCloud is the world’s largest audio and music streaming platform, with over 135 million tracks. You can find your favorite song from the collection of millions of songs from trending, popular and emerging artists. The app allows you to listen to music as well as upload music, allowing you to share it with others.

SoundCloud Downloader for Android

SoundCloud lets you discover new and trending music. Listen to your favorite tracks and artists from a variety of genres, countries, and artists which are categorized within the app. It lets you personalize the listening experience by liking favorite tracks to listen later. You can create playlists for parties, workouts, on the way to work, or whatever mood you’re in. The design is a simple and nice interface to play, pause and skip tracks from the lock screen.

The App is social, you can connect with your favorite artists and friends to see what they sharing. From major artists to upstart indies to your friend’s bedroom recordings. Listen to your favorite music and discover new audio that you can’t find anywhere else.

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The search function simple and powerful, just tap the heart to ‘like’ a track and this will put it in your Collection and make it easy to listen again later. You can even create your own custom playlists. As you listen, you can start a station to hear a series of similar tracks.

When you don’t have the time or patience to carefully pick out the tracks you want in your own playlists, you can simply tap those three dots on any track you like to have the app play a station with tracks that are similar. Once you sign up for SoundCloud Go, you can listen to all of your favorites music offline. You can listen anywhere even on the train, anywhere you go, at the gym, whether you have a signal or not.

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SoundCloud is currently available for free for iOS and Android devices. To use SoundCloud, you will need to create a new account so that you can start using it. Creating an account is easy, you can just sign up via Facebook, Google+ or by email.

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The app home screen shows your personalized news feed and tracks. These are posted and reposted by other users, which can follow and listen to them. The app allows to listen to any given track, you can repost them. You can also like and add them to your playlist. You can also listen to a track station, all of this within the app feed.

It has a good player while listening to songs, you can browse around in the app.  The app has a special feature which allows you to browse through what’s trending in music and audio section. Not only that, you can check out different music genres and audio content with just a tap. For discovering and listening to free music, SoundCloud is a good choice and a must-have app to have on your phone.

SoundCloud Plans

SoundCloud has three plans or Subscription options, each plan offers different features. These plans are Soundcloud Free, Soundcloud Go, and Soundcloud Go+. Apart from these three plans, it has additional edition called Soundcloud Pulse, created especially for creator or budding artist to upload their tracks. Let us have a look at some of the main features offered by each of these plans.


The Soundcloud Free has over 120 million tracks from both established and emerging artists. The app also gives you suggested tracks based on your likes and listening habits. The more you use, the better the suggestions are. Like other plans, in the free version, you can discover and browse incredible music in each genre.

The free account gives you charts, which has all the newest, hottest tracks and all-time greats. The app lets you get social by directly connecting with our favorite artists and friends and interact within the app. You can make customized playlists for your workouts, parties, and whatever mood you are in.


Like the Free version, you can access to over 120 million tracks, discover new songs, stream, and share a constantly expanding mix of music. This version lets you play offline and take your favorite songs wherever you go. In this plan, there are no annoying Ads, which mean that you can music without interrupting while listening. This plan comes at just $4.99 per month.


The Go+ plan gives you access to a fully expanded catalog of over 150 million tracks. This includes superstars from major labels and indies. It supports offline listening and no more restrictions on 30-second previews. With this plan, all music on SoundCloud, including premium Go+ tracks, is accessible to stream and save offline for later use. Their Ads in this plan and it comes at a price of $9.99/month.


This is meant for creators. It lets creators to easily manage their account. It supports uploading, podcasts, and many more features.

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SoundCloud App Reviews

Here are some reviews on the SoundCloud Downloader for Android from Play Store

Herrera: Nice It’s great, I can find everything I’m into. My only issue, which I may be the only one bothered by this, is that I cannot change my account picture. I had first installed this app maybe 3-4 years ago and I just want an updated fresh start.

Jackson: Brilliant I love it and it is totally worth paying 6.00 per month forgo. One thing I would like to see happen is if you can make the comments page of a song so that you can see all of the comments without having to write one yourself. Also, once you have done that there is text that appears at the bottom of your phone to see the comments.  It also quickly goes again then you have to make another comment just too see the rest. This may sound like a load of gobbledygook but hopefully, someone will understand me.

Anthony: Keeps freezing Woo! The problem is solved! I can finally listen to my music in peace. Thank you guys very much. So I seem to have a problem, every time I start boom beach the app closes.

Clara: It is so good we just need to search the song and the song will be there it has no adds that the good thing because destroying our fun so l want to say that this app is the best app so far.

Miles Davis: I used SoundCloud Downloader for Android for years. I discovered a load of good music on there that will never get a release, and even some that are now releasing through tables. I’m not a fan of the adverts, it’s used to be free. One thing that confuses me though is the inability (unless I’m missing something) to download a free track that would be available to download for free on the desktop version. Just can’t see a way to do it on the mobile version.

Teresa: I love this app! It plays music offline, you can search for specific songs and actually get results, and they don’t push ads in your face 24/7. SoundCloud free will always be my number one music app.

Kyle Kast: I absolutely love SoundCloud Downloader for Android, but a bug I’m continuing to have on what seems to be only this device, is frustrating. This app will not allow my nexus 7 (2013) to sleep, by using large amounts of CPU until I force stop the application. This drains the battery completely overnight from 100% when normally there would only be a 3-5% loss.

Nicholas: Great, but one little issue The one problem I have is that if you skip songs but don’t play them, after the same amount as playing them, you get an ad. So let’s say if you get an ad every 5 songs that you listen to, if you skip 5 songs on your playlist you get an ad.

Emma Phillips: Slightly Buggy But Fine I use SoundCloud a lot and have found a lot of cool artists on here. The app usually works fairly well and the audio quality seems to have gotten better again.

Noel: All in all app is great, apart from battery consumption. Please optimize the app as it eats battery inappropriately. None of the music streaming apps have such high mAh consumption and this one has the least amount of customization and personalization.

Andrew Dugic: Loving it I believe this app is nearly perfect if you want to stream free music. The only problem I have is you must pay a subscription to download free music.

Jacsky: SoundCloud Downloader for Android is a great app loaded with features and many times better than Spotify. Here you can listen to unlimited songs free. Here you can find many categories on your mood. But it has one problem you can’t offline your music it needs an active net connection section to play sound.

David Amgad: Like the new design however it needs restructuring. Please add a dedicated notifications button and a standalone Explore tab, also please adopt the material design.

Maria: Best music app by far. The other apps are mainstream feel-good music with little actual emotion inspired music – SoundCloud is the king of the underground. And it still has all the mainstream, and you can tell it’s not purely for money like most music apps. Considering it’s one of the only apps where you can play background music for free. And even if you’re not using it for background music it is still the best. With the graph going up with the sound of the music, making it more satisfying altogether.

Noah Herbst: Better than expected Found a YouTube soundtrack remix of John Williams Battle Of The Heroes. And no needed WiFi connection with SoundCloud Go! Well done SoundCloud! You deserve a round of applause.

Geroge: To tell you the truth this is the best place for listening something new I mean the artist knows truly how to make you like there Remix of the same old song which you are tired of hearing again and again so I suggest you should try it.

Damian Schwartz: Amazing I have only used this for music in like an entire year-long love it keeps it going would be 5 star but ads pop up a lot.

SoundCloud Downloader for Android

For Android, you can get it from Google Play Store. For SoundCloud app to work, you need to have at least  Android 4.0 and up.

For iOS devices get it from iTunes. On iOS, it requires iOS 8.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

That concludes our post on SoundCloud Downloader for Android. Hope with this app, you are able to enjoy your favorite music.

This post was last updated on July 18, 2019.


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