MP3 Skull Downloader App for Android (Latest Version) 2019

MP3 Skull Music is well known to most music lovers. It was and still one of the most popular mp3 music sites and apps which offers free mp3 songs download. Unfortunate it was shut down due to some legal issue. However, the providers or developers still manage to keep it alive by developing new sites and apps. In this post, we will give you where to download MP3 Skull downloader app 2019 and some of the main features and reviews from users.

As a music lover, we are always in the hunt for new tracks and it is not easy to get them straight into our phones. Searching for new songs or tracks has become a habit. Sometimes it is not possible to pay for the song we so love and wanted to have it in our device.

We, often search for sites and music downloader apps for free to get them. MP3 Skull downloader app is one such app, that provides free mp3 songs for download. Unfortunately the original app was removed from the Play store, however, a similar app called MP3 skull PRO was launched again by some developers.

Main Features of MP3 Skull downloader app or MP3 skull PRO

MP3 Skull downloader app works similar to most popular mp3 music downloader apps and its predecessors. The app works basically the same as the web version. Users can download songs or tracks of their choice from its vast database of mp3 songs. Let’s have a look at some of the main features of MP3 Skull downloader app.

MP3 Skull Downloader App for Android

User Interface: MP3 Skull downloader app has a simple, clean and dark color. It has just had three menus for search, downloads, and Library. The app takes the user directly to its homepage with a default download page, where one can straight away start searching for songs. Below the search bar is the drop-down list of search engines which users can change to expand their search.

MP3 Skull downloader homepage

Searching & Download: As mentioned above, with its simple design, the app has a search at the top of the home screen where you can straight away search a song.

MP3 Skull downloader search bar

You can search by Title, Album or Artist Name. Just type or enter the name of the song and tap on the search icon. The app will search and it might take a couple of seconds to display the results.

MP3 Skull downloader search results

However, the search time or results may depend on the speed of your internet or the availability of the songs. If you couldn’t find the song using search Engine 1, change the search to 2 or 3 or whatever you feel might find it. To do this, just tap on the search engine drop-down list and select it.

To download the songs, just tap on the Songs from the results list, preview the song before you download, just to make sure that you are downloading the right song you are looking for. The in the built mp3 player will play the song for you. You can even forward, pause, rewind, and the scuffle between tracks. Once you decided to download the song, just tap on the Download button which is just at the bottom of the player.

MP3 Skull downloader function

The app also allows you to edit the song before download. To edit the song information just tap on the Edit icon which looks like a pencil.

MP3 Skull downloader edit

Here you can change or edit the Title, Artist name, and Album name. All your downloads will go to the download folder, which allows you to access them easily and play them whenever you like.

Database & Legality: As most mp3 downloader apps, this app makes use of certain sites which are offering free mp3 files for free. All the results of mp3 songs are pulls from those royalty free mp3 files. So, it means that it has a huge database of songs and the chances of failing to find a song is low.

The app does not mention any of the legal notice or copyright infringement notice. So it means that you can use them for free, be careful not to use them for commercial purposes. You never know it might land you somewhere where you will have to face some legal issues.

Download MP3 Skull downloader app or MP3 skull PRO

As stated earlier, MP3 Skull downloader app or MP3 skull PRO is no longer available on Google Play Store. it has been removed due to some legal issues or policies laid down by Google. However, some developers still manage to keep it live by changing their sites and developing similar apps. A similar app with the same functionality can still be downloaded from some mirror sites.

Here we give you one of the workings or tried or tested app which gives users what it promises to deliver. Download MP3 Skull downloader app or MP3 skull PRO. You are advised to download MP3 Skull downloader app apk or MP3 skull PRO apk only from the link we have provided. There are many download mirror sites which offer similar apps bearing the same name. Most of these are infected viruses.

If you are installing apks for the first time in your device, please make sure that you have enabled installation of apks or apps outside of Play Store. To do this go your phone Settings, and head over to Security settings. Under the Settings there will be “Unknown Sources”, enabled or marked that to allow the installation of apks into your device.

MP3 Skull downloader app Additional Information

License: Free
Operating System: Android
Language: English (24 more)
Developer: Erdemlimakina
Security level: 91% safe
Size: 4.37MB
Package Name:

MP3 Skull downloader Reviews & Feedback

Here’s a long list of honest reviews and comments on MP3 Skull downloader from users.

Mayely: I really like it so basically you just search quencher song you want and it’ll get it for you and you can make a playlist that’s pretty much it. A bonus to it has a little floating part to it like the messenger floating thing and it shows for the video there and you can exit without it stopping the music because it’ll just sit there like the messenger float.

Liyahsmommie: I was a huge fan but lately I’ve been having issues with the ads, I don’t mind them BC I can close them out, the problem is when I close an ad out and it keeps saying showing ads. But it’s not the screen is black and I cannot access the app hopefully the bug will be fixed. I would hate to uninstall and find a different app because I like the fact that I can find any song I’m looking for.

Jean: I think this is a great app, you can find a lot of music on it. Though one issue with it is the ads. I have to click out of around 5 ads that take forever to load. Even though this is annoying, I still recommend downloading it.

Stephen: This app finds a lot of music and lots of artists, however, it’s bombarded with unlimited ads that pop up consistently and freezes the app. You have to force the app to stop to unfreeze it too much of a hassle this app is just okay.

Steve: It was pretty cool but when I try to find songs that are not English like Korean it doesn’t show up you might want to fix that up because I like Korean and Korea and people would definitely get this up if it was free Wi-Fi like what I would get it on my grandma’s phone and that’s why I gave it 3 stars.

Klos: Great App but I believe one problem with this app is that your not getting to hear music to your just getting to watch ads. Please reduce the number of ads otherwise this is a great App!

Angelique: I think you should really up to your game guys and try harder to make this app better I know you already have but just try a little bit harder and I will give you a 5-star rating try today and surprise me if you want a 5-star rating.

Chris: This has excellent sound, but it’s hard to get it to shut off on my phone. But I figured it out.

Danny: Too many ads and the new version is worse than before. Prefer the old one back.

Riley: I love this app it’s amazing but could you make it so you don’t need internet please that would be amazing or you could make it where you could also download the music. I do not understand much about technology but I know that this app is pretty good! I like everything except for the fact that there are lots of ads.

David: I love this app it’s so amazing how you can just search up your favorite songs and music videos and be able to put it all in one playlist so you can just hit the play button sit back and relax.

Savannah: This app is really good to listen to music but Spotify is probably better.

A’Niya: I honestly HATE that it has videos with the songs now because it won’t let you turn your phone off and still listen to the song. Also if I want to play a game on my phone and listen to the song then the video is still there! It just gets in the way! I had this app before and it didn’t have the videos, so I liked it a lot better then.

Dan: Better than I expected, would give 5 stars except unlike other apps the floating widget sometimes disappears & I have to start everything from the beginning. Not sure if its a glitch or doesn’t mesh with certain apps. I’m using S4, everything else Is great but without the working widget it’s exactly YouTube. Gonna give it a couple more days and see ‘because of its that good!

New: Still really love it but once I got it on my new phone the video on screen was killing me because I like playing music while playing other games.

Liam: I love this APP but lately I can’t listen to an album that’s consists of 1 audio piece and it won’t let me shuffle a playlist of songs I have because after one song it just stops.

Maribel: Ok so this is like the best mp3 player ever I have beat solo wireless headphones and I put karkalicious from karat and I just dance like a crazy person and I walk up to my mom like wuzzup and my mom is like why are you so weird and I’m like I can’t hear you!

Red: I think it’s a great idea for an app but when you play the music it comes out glitchy, I have no problems with the add but it would be better to remove them also if u could make the screen smaller when you’re out of the app that would help a lot, I hope I could be of some help.

Frink: Yes I like it I can find every song that I want but unfortunately I have to use the internet if I want to listen to them so I’m not happy about that.

HeyItsThatGur: I think this is a great app for people who want music but are broke like me! So if you are reading this download this app now it awesome! I really like this app it’s a way to watch the music videos and do a project on a mobile let’s too get the visual of the video.

Sean: The music is good and it has all the music that you can think of and it plays a lot of music and you can see what you’re listening to hey love me and the music is free.

Harvey: Really cool just wish you could listen for free with no internet or data of the phone. This app lets me hear all the songs that I like and I just love it so much.

That concludes our post on MP3 Skull Downloader App. This post was last updated on May 04, 2019.

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