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Tik Tok App has now become one of the most popular apps on the social media network. It is a place where users create their own film, short video, and interact with other users across the world. This post will give you some of the main features of the Tik Tok app. How to download Tik Tok app and use it. At the initial stage, this app was known as Musical.ly and was recently rebranded to Tik Tok.

Tik Tok App was launched way back in October 2014 and now has millions of daily users. It is popular, especially among teens and youths. We can say that as of now, there will be only a few people among the youths and teens who do not know Tik Tok.

Tik Tok app is available for free download on both iPhone and Android. It is beautifully designed with a great theme and a user-friendly interface. It is a platform where one can easily become popular and have thousands and millions of followers.

Many young teenagers have now all want to be popular among social media networks and working hard to achieve that. Even many users have worked hard and competed with their friends who have more followers. So, from there itself this Tok App has had great popularity among teenagers.

Download Tik Tok App Free

Features of Tik Tok App

Users create a video of themselves with their lip-synching along with the track. Then upload it to the app itself and start sharing on other social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc to attract more and more followers.

Tik Tok app is used even by some of the top artists like Adriana Grande, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and many other top artists around the world as well. Users can even have a duet with this kind of top artists and share it on social media to become popular and gain a lot of followers.

Moreover, users can create a live streaming video, that too is one of the best parts. As the place where we live our earth is a very big size so the people living under it are all different. There are different opinions and different ego possessed by people. Everything we did, we all want to explore it outside to let others see as well. So every tiny thing is useful and cannot let to be ignored. This Tik Tok App is one of those.

“Tik Tok App is a global video community that has a lot of features. Having millions of daily users, Musical.ly is an outlet for creative expression and communication with friends. It is a platform that connects individuals to a vibrant and highly-engaged community of content creators”. This clearly shows that Musical.ly is not an app like other popular apps.

features of musically app

What is Tok Tok?

It is an app, that individuals can film and record their own video, upload it, and shared it, and connects with other friends and relatives or even across the world. It is the best app that helps to create an awesome video with our favorite songs and moreover magical videos to show the skills of creativity.

Tik Tok App as a social sharing app with the ability to like, follow, and comment on each other’s video, has gained more and more popularity day by day. You can see a variety of shared videos with hashtags Tik Tok App on various social networks like Facebook and Instagram. With this, you can know how popular it is. Besides these, in this app, there are challenges and contents, where a given song or theme is introduced and you make a video that relates to it, then tag it with a hashtag for all to see.

Many users or called “Musers” in this app, have taken part in these challenges and create content and get a gift according to their creativity level. As said earlier, social sharing goes beyond Tik Tok App with easy sharing tools i.e, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, WhatsApp, Twitter, and many more.

I too have seen a lot of Tik Tok App videos shared on this highlight site with a hashtag include Tik Tok App. At first, I felt impressed a lot about how their creativity skill was and I loved it very much and nice to see all the videos. Creating a magical video with this app is also awesome.

Musical.ly musers

Tik Tok App has helped users to create their own private accounts. It helps to secure individuals’ accounts and well protected. But at first, when you create your account it is in public. You can change this public to the private account once you are done with the settings. Your first-time account will always be in public unless you change the settings. For your private account, you have the ability to accept those who want to follow and see your video.

For a public account, anyone can follow you without your permission and ability to see all your videos. But as for privacy, even with a private account, there is information in your Bio that is public, including your name and username. Do not worry, this is just only a piece of information about name and username, your videos are all secured and protected in a private account.

Tik Tok App has millions of music in its built-in library. As this app is a video filming tool with an embedded track that syncs with your lip, you can always find your favorite music in Tik Tok’s built library. By default, music from your library will start at the beginning.

You can change the point at which your song starts and film your video directly. All these video makings with the track are only about 15 seconds. So it is not hard to make a video and show the creativity level of yourselves always.

Musical.ly discover

You can also find lots of video effects to make you more beautiful. The video effects include beauty effects, flash, lenses, color filters, speed control, etc. This Tik Tok is not a random video making app, besides, it helps you more on how it looks to make you beautiful.

By applying all the video effects, I guess you can be satisfied with the needs of your beauty and how you look. Once you are using the Tik Tok App, you will get to know more about what’s inside the Tik Tok App. It is Better to get it fast and get popularity among others with the help of Musical.ly.

How to use the Tik Tok App

Tik Tok App is a well friendly user interference with a beautifully designed. The theme as well, as the homepage is pink in colour which attracts people more and increases its users rapidly. All the features inside are looking good and easy to use. Making and creating a video is as easy as using a smartphone camera. Well, we said smartphones because nowadays 99 percent in the world are using a smartphone camera is not a new thing.

Tik Tok App is just like other apps that are friendly to use and can easily handle even for small children like 14 years of age only. You will see that most users are teens and young adults ranging from 14 to 21 years of age.

So to start using it, you first need to download Tik Tok App free from Play Store and install it on your phone. Then, open the app from your phone and sign up to the app through Facebook or Instagram account or you can create your own Tik Tok account with your existing email account. Then, choose a username and password and set your profile picture. Your username is where people will find you and start following you. Your profile picture is also where people will notify you. After finishing up creating the account you will be directed to the homepage of the app.

The first thing you need to do is get familiar with the app. For that study first, all the features that are inside the app. You will find popular videos, a built-in music library, trending sections, creating video and other. Getting familiar with all these will help you in using this app easily. After that, you can start browsing videos you like and started following them.

Besides, if you want to make a video and upload it directly without following any people first, you can do so. But at first, it is better to start browsing others’ videos and start to follow them maybe your friends or relatives or your favorite artists or your idols if they are using this app.

How to use Musically App

You can find other people through popular videos or directly in the search icon. In browsing videos, you can see “follow” and “for you”. Follow means you will see a video of people that on you follow the chart and For You will help you discover new videos from popular profiles around the world. To follow the people or video you like to tap the profile icon on the right. This will add the poster’s account to your followed profiles list.

You can also like other video and make a comment as well. To like a video tap the heart icon. You can find it under the profile icon on the right-hand side. Once you tap the heart icon it will turn pink. That indicates that you like the video now.

For a comment section, tap on the speech bubble icon. Once you tab it will open the comment section and you see others’ comments as well. To post a comment on the video, tap on the text fill at the bottom, type your comment, and tap enter. That’s it!

How to Create a video in Tik Tok

Creating a music video in Tik Tok is not hard if you have the desire and guts to explore yourselves to the internet world. In Tik Tok App you can create a music video that is about 15 to 30 seconds long.

You create a music video by taking a video of yourself with your lip-syncing with the music track. Or you can even record your own voice, but I guess recording your own voice, later you will not like it unless you are really a good singer. I tried once and recorded my own voice after I listen to it and look back ooh.! what a horrible voice! However, with lip-syncing along with the music track, you will feel the greatness of your video and I’m sure you will really like it and said wow! Is that my video!

How to Create a video in Musical.ly

Well, in Tik Tok App after creating your account go to the homepage of the app. There you will see different sections which include popular videos, contests, leaderboards, song charts, trending tags, and many more. You will also find different kinds of music if you scroll down the homepage of the app.

To create your own video, on the homepage of the app, down below, you will see some icons which are the search icon, your profile icon, and in the middle, you will see a plus (+) sign circle with a yellow colour. So, click the yellow additional symbol and after that, you will have again three different options which are pick music, shoot first, and from a library. You can either pick the music, shoot the video first, or choose a video from your library.

The best things and the easiest way are to pick first the song. So, go to pick the music side and from there choose your favorite songs on what you want to make the video. After picking the songs, you will be directed to your camera, and from there press and hold the video and start shooting a video of yourself.

You can choose different types of video effects as well while shooting or edit later after finishing the shooting. After finishing all that all you need to do is create a title for your video, add hashtags, and tap post.

download tik tok App

How to Share Video

You can always share your musical.ly video to any other social media networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. So to share your video, go to your video first and from there you will find sharing options in the options menu. Tap on share and there you will see many social sites popping up.

Tap on any one of them and start sharing your video to get more popular. You can even copy the link of your video to share it on any other sites like WhatsApp etc. or send it to your friends and relatives. If you want to get more popular, sharing a video is a great help to you and to get more followers.

Tik Tok App Download Free

You can download Tik Tok App free from your own app store. For Android, you can download Tik Tok App from your Play Store, and for iPhone users, you can get it from iTunes.


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