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IDAGIO is a music streaming app dedicated to classical music. It has one of the biggest and best collection of classical music. Idagio in developed in Berlin by experts in the music industry, and offers a search engine for classical music. Idagio music has a catalogue of more than 2 million tracks. All the tracks they provided are licensed, and exclusive recordings. Not only that, it provides high-quality audio in CD-quality sound or at 320kbps or F16bit 44.1kHz. Idagio is available on Android, iOS and macOS App. Idagio currently has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times worldwide and subscribers in over 190 countries.

Download Classical Music Streaming App - IDAGIO

Features of IDAGIO – Classical Music Streaming

With black and white color, the app is intuitive, accessible, stable and delivers great choices. The music collection is well organized in a suitable way for classical music. This makes it easy for exploring and discovering different renditions of the same composition by different orchestras and soloists.

The app displays the track titles as well as the major work, composer, dates, and performers. Idagio has an option to listen based on your mood. You can also select playlists derived from specific epochs such as medieval, baroque, classical, etc. With Idagio, you can discover new music, listen to the most popular selections, or even listen to a playlist of a specific performer or soloist.

Features of IDAGIO

The Idagio app has a search functionality designed especially for classical music. So you can discover playlists curated by experts and the latest releases. You can browse through a massive collection of tracks easily by filtering the search by composer, orchestra, work, soloist and other options.

To search for a song, head over to the Discover page, on the text area just enter or type the name of the track, song or even by composer, album and many other options. Once you find your favourite track, simply click on the play button. Tapping or clicking on the title will take you to see the track-list and playlist introduction.

Not only that, the app lets you easily compare tracks or recordings such as a concert, orchestra of the same work. The Weekly Mix contents or feature gives you recommendations based on your personal taste. The Mood player, another useful feature gives you carefully selected pieces created by experts for different moods. These moods range from relaxed to powerful.

Three different audio quality settings are available such as Normal, High, and Lossless. By default, all the tracks play in the Normal setting. The Free Version users only have access to this setting, while the Premium users can access Normal and High, and Premium+ users can access all the three settings.


The Idagio has Three Plans- Free, Premium and Premium+.

Free Version: The Free version will give users full access to the collection or library, except for a few additional features.

Premium Version: Apart from full access, Premium users will get extra features such as On-demand listening. Unlike, the Free version, there are no Ads and the ability to listen offline. The Premium users get higher audio quality in MP3/AAC format at 320kbps. The ability to have your personal Collection, Expert curation, and Smart search. With the Premium version, users can also connect via Airplay, Bluetooth, Sonos, Chromecast, Bluesound, Burmester and more.

Premium+ Version: Premium+ gives you access to all the features above, plus access to the highest audio quality in lossless format i.e., FLAC 16bit 44.1kHz.

IDAGIO Supported Devices & Connection

IDAGIO Supported Devices & Connection

IDAGIO is available on all popular devices and platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Mac. So you can take and enjoy your classical music on the go. You can connect your IDAGIO account up to six devices at a time for free. However, simultaneous playback on several devices is not supported. It can also be connected to Bluetooth and Airplay devices.

Price: The cost of IDAGIO Premium subscription is £9.99 and the IDAGIO Premium+ subscription cost is £14.99 per month. Automatically renew is available and can be canceled at any time.

App Additional Info

Size: 26MB
Current Version: 2.0.7
Content Rating: Rated for 3+
Supported OS: Android 5.0 and up, iOS 11.4 and watchOS 6.0 or later. It is also compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Developed & Offered by Classical Music Streaming – IDAGIO

Download IDAGIO App

You can download and install IDAGIO from the official website ( or you can get it from your respective app stores.

For Android, iOS

Final Words

Idagio Classical Music Streaming app is a wonderful music app, it is much easier to find classical songs than other streaming apps. Excellent library of lossless Classical music and the musical suggestions are way better than most of the popular paid music services.

The app is stable and delivers great choices. It is a good place for finding old and classical songs, tracks and composers that are never heard of. It has an amazing collection of western classical music in one place. Also, downloading and listening to your favourite pieces is so convenient and it is highly recommended for all music lovers.


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