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4shared is a free mobile application for Android and iOS devices which are designed to enable users to access and manage files in their personal secure cloud storage at 4shared, with free 15GB of space. This file sharing application is a good source of free music. Once you download 4shared and installed on your device, apart from files, you can search play and download tracks or music files from 4Shared.

4Shared has more than 5,000,000 tracks and you can look up through its entire database for anything and everything you need. The app also lets you share your favorite songs or files with your friends. It is a convenient and fast way to access your account including all documents, photos, music, etc. directly from your Android device whenever you wish to.

It has a simple interface and the search function lets you search for and find the file you need within the massive 4shared file database. With this app, you can also define various search filters to get the best results and add the necessary file to your own account at

Download 4shared

Downloading a song is very simple, when you found you the song, just tap and hold on a song that you want to download and then select “Download”. The app also lets you play the song before downloading. With 4shared you can create a playlist, add your favorite tracks and listen to them from 4shared Music whenever you want.

Also, you can upload music from your Android device to 4shared Music. Not only that, the app even allows you to watch videos directly on your Android device. The best part is that it has a multi-functional music player that supports mp3 and other major formats. The app allows users to easily copy, move, rename, delete, upload and download any files from their account at on smartphone or tablet and share them with colleagues, relatives, and friends.

Great Interface: 4shared Mp3 Music downloader app has a clean and friendly user interface with smooth design and easy to navigate around. It is simple to use and its functionalities are intuitive. No hidden menu options and it is super easy to use.

Large Database: 4shared Music has a huge mp3 database. With 4shared Music, Users get access to over tens of millions of mp3 songs. The chances of not finding a song you are looking for are very low. 4shared Music will almost have all the music you love.

4shared file sharing

It is Social: 4shared Music app is designed to be social. The app lets you log in with your social accounts such as Facebook. Since the app is connected with our social accounts, finding friends is easy. Like most social networking sites or apps, with 4shared Music, you can have a circle of friends, discuss and share your favorite music.

Radio Stations: 4shared music app allows users to tune in to radio channels on the web. It has some of the most popular radio stations from around the world.

Advanced & Optimized Search: 4shared music app comes with an advanced search functionality which users terrific experience. The app has a predictive search capability and offers real-time intelligent hints while typing. Not only that, the app takes only a few seconds all the search related results. Once you found the song, you can preview the song before download. Downloading is easy, you just have to choose the song you want to download by tapping on the song.

Free: This is one of the most amazing features of this app. All the songs that are available within the app are completely free to use. All users get unlimited access to its huge library of mp3 songs. Most these music files are under creative commons license. Which means that it allows one to make use of these mp3 files. So you may not receive any copyright strikes or even any legal issue. You can freely enjoy the songs you love with ease, however, terms and conditions apply.

The music player has three playing modes: normal, repeat, shuffle. It will make your listening-to-music experience absolutely incomparable. All users can download 4shared Music for Android for free and receive 15 GB of free storage space to store their most favorite tracks at 4shared. </ br>

4shared music

Searching music via 4shared Music

To search for music 4shared Music you need to Log in to your 4shared account. Use the “Search” menu to find any needed tracks. You can enter any keyword, like the name of the track, the artist’s name, for instance; Select the track, you wish to stream, and click on it.

Streaming music via 4shared Music

Find the track, you wish to listen to and then Click on the name of the track, and it will start playing automatically. You can also select the particular playlist to stream – just press “Playlists” button in the player.

Creating playlists

Just Click on the music file and hold, till the menu appears and then Press “Add to playlist”. Now, you can add the track to the current playlist – press “Current playlist”, or create the new playlist and add this track to it – then, choose “New”. If you are creating the new playlist, enter its name and press “Save”.

The playlist will be automatically saved in your 4shared account. Whenever you log in 4shared Music in future, the list of your playlists will appear on the screen.

Managing playlists

Press on the playlist, you wish to manage, and hold until the menu appears; and Choose the relative options from the menu to manage the playlist: play, rename, edit or delete the playlist.

Here are some reviews on 4shared from Play Store

Aditya Kumar: Nice App It’s a really nice app and the beauty is the way we download once we search it. Great work guys. If you can make the search more specific, you can get a 5-star rating not from me but others too.
Glydel Love Paypa: It is really helpful when at times I can’t find something on the web. I go to 4shared and there it is!
MD ARIF: I love you 4sheard And thank you thank you think you so much thank you very much.
Najihah Farhat: Such a great app? Yes, it’s easy to download my favorite music or video. I love it.
Amy Elza Emmanuel: Really easy to use and you can listen to it when you’re doing something else on your phone.

Shailesh: Great app Hey guys Thanks for a great app. Great collection of books and media.

Download 4shared

You can get the latest version of 4Shared from your own app store. For Android, you can download 4Shared from Play Store and for iOS you can get it from iTunes.

This post was last updated on May 06, 2018.

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