SoundCloud Playlist Downloader: Top Apps, Online Tools & Extensions

SoundCloud Playlist Downloader is one of the most popular music app offered by its parent online site. We have written about the official SoundCloud App a few months back, which lets you listen to music from the SoundCloud site within the app. The official app doesn’t allow to download SoundCloud Playlist, so there is a request from our readers about the SoundCloud Playlists downloaders. This post is created specially to provide you some of the best SoundCloud Playlist downloader apps, sites, and browser extensions.

We all know that SoundCloud is a wonderful place to discover new music. It is a place, where new artists release their songs at this popular music streaming site. We can search, listen and enjoy music either by visiting from a web browser or using SoundCloud app. But, there are times when we want to have them for offline listening. The sad thing is that we can’t download the songs from these official sites and app.

Many of us are interested to know how to download music or playlists from SoundCloud. That’s the reason why we created this post on how to bulk download SoundCloud playlist. Some of the sites and apps we have listed here are tested and we have given only the sites and apps which actually delivers SoundCloud Playlist download.

SoundCloud Playlist Downloader Top Apps Online Tools & Extensions

Best SoundCloud Playlist Downloader Apps

First, let’s see some of the best SoundCloud playlist downloader apps before we go into the online sites. Please note that not all songs or tracks are downloadable unless the person who uploaded the tracks set it as available for download.

SoundCloud Apps

There are three versions of SoundCloud apps, which lets you stream and download songs for offline listening. These are SoundCloud Free which lets you Discover and stream and access to 120 Million tracks. SoundCloud Go which is a premium version with a monthly subscription fee of $4.99. SoundCloud Go not only lets you discover, stream but lets you download for Offline listening without ads.

Soundcloud apps

SoundCloud Go+ is available at $9.99 / month. With this version, you get access to the world’s largest music streaming catalog, a constantly expanding mix from established and emerging artists. Full access to all 150M+ tracks and Offline listening. No ads with millions of premium SoundCloud Go+ tracks. You can get all these versions from Play store or from the official site of SoundCloud.
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GET Cloud (Android)

Get Cloud is specially developed to help you stream and download tracks from SoundCloud. Some of its features include like Searching to find a track. It allows you to stream the track Via Sound Cloud app. You can download the track from officially Sound Cloud links. It also lets you save the tracks in a history list and the ability to play the tracks later. If the tracks from the playlist are available for downloads, this app lets you easily download the playlists.

get cloud

My Cloud Player for SoundCloud

My Cloud Player for SoundCloud allows caching and downloading of any tracks or content from SoundCloud site. Some of the basic features are chrome cast support with continuous playback, searching tracks, sets, users, and groups. Like the official app, you can listen to Stations (radios) created by users, explore by preset or custom genre, explore tracks such as recent, trending and featured.

My Cloud Player for SoundCloud

The built-in player lets you manage current playlist, Playback control, Automatic play/pause, search suggestions, and voice search. You can also save state, the player will continue where you’ve been before. You can also Add track to the playlist and download them to your device if the tracks are set as downloadable. Download My Cloud Player for SoundCloud

TREBEL (Android & iOS)

Trebel is beautiful music downloader app for Android and iOS. TREBEL is the among the few music apps for Android and iOS that actually lets you download songs and albums, and play them offline, for free. With Tebel, Downloading free music is as easy as tapping a button. You no longer need to waste your time on rip sites or converting music videos to MP3 in order to get the music you love.

trebel music downloader

Not only that, Trebel provides free music to download for free, including some of the popular albums. If you already have a large collection, TREBEL will automatically sync your existing library to let combine your own music with songs downloaded for free on the app. It also provides Unlimited music storage, it uses less data, phone battery life. It lets you download complete albums at a time without the need to use an MP3 converter or rip site. TREBEL is a licensed service with music from Universal Music Group.

KeepVid Android

KeepVid is another music downloader which is free to use. It allows users to easily download any SoundCloud track. As far as SoundCloud is a concern, KeepVid is the best SoundCloud Playlist downloader.

KeepVid Android

It provides a very good downloading speed and enables you to download the SoundCloud tracks with high quality up to 320Kbps. With KeepVid, you are able to download SoundCloud audio tracks to your Android devices in just one tap. Not only that, it allows users to download music video from more than 30 streaming sites including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LiveLeak, Mixcloud and many other.

Sound Hound Music Search

If you are looking for SoundCloud Playlist downloader, Sound Hound Music Search is another app to consider. Sound Hound Music Search is regarded as one of the best SoundCloud downloader app for Android due to its powerful functions.

Sound Hound Music Search

With its clean and user interface, you can easily download music from SoundCloud with no efforts and save them to your device for offline listening on the go.

Best SoundCloud Playlist Downloader Sites

Below are some of the best SoundCloud Playlist Downloader site or online downloaders.

SoundCloud to MP3 (

SoundCloud to MP3 is another online tool for SoundCloud Download. With this site, you can download SoundCloud audio as an MP3 file in just a few steps. There is also an option to download onto MP4 and MP HD.

SoundCloud to MP3

To download tracks from SoundCloud just select the audio file you would like to download, Copy the page URL, paste it in the URL field and hit Enter button. SoundCloud to MP3 will download the track and convert it to MP3 in a second.

SoundCloud Downloader(

SoundCloud Downloader is one of the most popular and simple online tools for downloading any music tracks from SoundCloud. The service is completely FREE to use. It gives a high-quality mp3 tracks. Using it is easy, all you have to do is just copy and paste the tracking URL into the URL field and hit the download button. SoundCloud Downloader will extract the track and automatically provide download links through which you can download or save the mp3 track.

SoundCloud Downloader(

For downloading multiple songs playlist, just copy SoundCloud playlist link from and then paste the playlist link in the link input box and Click on “Download” button. Done!

Video-Download.Co ( is a completely free web service which allows you to download music tracks from SoundCloud Playlist to mp3 or mp4. This site or online tool also works well on mobile phones or mobile browsers like android phones and iOS. It supports several audio formats such as mp3, ogg, flac, etc. and video formats such as mp4, avi, flv, etc.


You can even download & convert the whole SoundCloud playlists into to zip. Which gives the options to either download a single file one by one, or just download them all as a .zip file. No registration is needed and all the output are in high quality

SoundCloud Playlist Downloader (

SoundCloud Playlist Downloader is an online tool for downloading SoundCloud playlist. This Soundcloud Playlist downloader downloads your favorite playlist to your computer (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux or any OS), iOS or Android. It automatically downloads all the MP3 tracks from the playlist or you can choose a single MP3 track you want to download from the playlist. Processing might take some time depending upon the number of tracks in your SoundCloud playlist and the speed of your internet connection.

SoundCloud Playlist Downloader
To download SoundCloud playlist, just copy the playlist link from SoundCloud and paste in the input URL text field and hit the “Download” button.

SoundCloud Playlist Downloader Extension

There are many SoundCloud Downloader Extensions for Chrome and Firefox which are capable of downloading SoundCloud Playlists. These extensions or Add-ons are very handy in downloading tracks from SoundCloud. They are all similar in their functionality and they offer an easy way to download SoundCloud Playlists with just a single click. Below are some of the best SoundCloud extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

SoundCloud Downloader Free (Chrome)

SoundCloud Downloader Free is a Chrome extension which is easy to use that simply adds a download button to all SoundCloud tracks and let you download your favorite tracks quickly and easily. This extension supports downloading playlist which can even download the whole playlist.

SoundCloud Downloader Free

If you find a track you like in playlists or searches just simply click the added download button and the track will be downloaded immediately. Get it from here.

SoundCloud Music Downloader Tool (Chrome)

This tool is a free extension for Chrome which enables you to download mp3 music from SoundCloud in one click.

SoundCloud Music Downloader Tool (Chrome)

SoundCloud Music Downloader Tool will embed a download button beside all music and playlists on SoundCloud, once clicked your download will begin. You can view download progress, play music and more from the menu. You can get it from here.

Mass SoundCloud Downloader (Chrome)

Mass SoundCloud Downloader is another Chrome extension which can batch download SoundCloud music, soundtracks and playlists.

Mass SoundCloud Downloader

It is fast and easy to use. It is one of the few extensions which supports bulk SoundCloud music, soundtracks and playlists download. Get it from here.

Mp3 Downloader for SoundCloud (FireFox)

Mp3 Downloader for SoundCloud is FireFox extension, which adds a download button beneath each SoundCloud track in the controls section to provide you direct download links of the tracks.

Mp3 Downloader for SoundCloud (FireFox)

To download a track just press “Prepare” button and wait for a few seconds to let it generate MP3 link for you. You can either click on the button again to directly download the track or right click and copy the downloadable link and use a download manager for downloading the track. Get it from here.

Soundcloud SUPER +2: Downloader and Recommender (FireFox)

Soundcloud SUPER +2 Downloader and Recommender (FireFox)

Soundcloud SUPER +2 is a FireFox add-on or extension that allows users to download every track from Soundcloud and in addition, it gives users recommendations. This Add-on will add a new Download button at every track. Get it from here.

That’s it on SoundCloud Playlist Downloader. We hope these Apps, Online Tools & browser Extensions help you to download Soundcloud playlist for offline listening. Please feel free to check out other music downloader apps we have listed here.

Last Updated on February 27, 2018.

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