Download Freegal Music App APK for Android (2019)

Freegal Music App is a free and legal way to access mp3 songs through a local library. It has 7 million songs which can be stream and store into your device from over 28,000 music labels from over 80 countries. Library members can download 5 free songs a week and keep them within your music library. The only things needed is a library card with an account, make a Freegal account, and download the app. Download Freegal Music App 2019 and it works across all devices and platforms. All the songs you downloaded will play in Windows Media Player, iTunes, and other popular music players.

The app also has over 15,000 DRM-free music videos, which can be stored in the app, and backed up to your computer. The Freegal app also offers many of today’s top artists, a fantastic retrospective collection, and music from around the world. It has a powerful engine, with simple and easy to use user interface.

Like any other free music downloader app, you can browse, create playlists, delete songs and can download videos as well. Freegal Music has many new contemporary artists to the really old classics. All the songs provided by Freegal are high quality and completely legal. It even has Karaoke tracks that you can’t find with other music apps.

Freegal Music App Download and Reviews (Latest Version)


ByKatie Con

So Freegal is a music streaming app that you can legally get 5 free songs a week and keep them within your music library. The only things you need is a library card with an account, make a Freegal account, and download the app on your tablet or phone. I have this on my tablet it is very convenient.

The five-song limit is a downside but I enjoy the wide selection of songs. This app had many new, contemporary artists (whatever plays in the radio) to the really old classics. The songs themselves are of high quality and completely legal. Some artists not founded on Spotify are actually on the Freegal app because there is a lot of music owned by Sony. This app even has Karaoke tracks that I can’t find anywhere else. Very happy with this app.

freegal music album
By James N Simpson

I’d give Freegal itself three stars, but this app version two. If you’re using a Kindle Fire you can just as easily log into the Freegal website which has more features than the app. However, sometimes the website doesn’t work or let anyone log in, for those times at least you have this app.

The app once you’ve searched for your library and logged in, doesn’t seem to let you log out ever again either. This means that if you’ve got more than one library card (you’ve got a partner, kids etc who all have their own cards), you will have to use the website anyway.

The website lets you download to the same device (ie your Kindle) using as many library cards as you have access to, as long as you know the number and your library card’s password. You just log out and then log in for each card. Depending on what your library service has paid for, you will only be able to download per card three songs each week (a music video counts as two songs), perhaps your library has paid for more but it’s usually three.

The song is then yours to keep, it’s an MP3 file, if you download directly onto your Kindle Fire you’ll also get the album cover image, (most of the time, sometimes not). If you download onto your computer and then copy and paste into your Kindle’s music folder, then for some reason the album cover doesn’t come across.

The songs are completely free to download for the user, although your library pays for each song downloaded as well as to subscribe to Freegal. Which is a reason some libraries don’t participate since it eats up too much of their budget that they’d use to buy physical CDs and the like.

freegal music apk

I actually download songs I already own on CDs, as once you download one song the album cover will appear against the rest that you’ve ripped from the CD and put onto your Kindle. Sometimes you have to rename the album on your computer to match Freegal’s version of the title, as capital letters, words like the, and everything matter.

You can stream music as well, through Freegal, but since you’re probably using free Wi-Fi at the library, a shopping center, airport, or somewhere you can’t really annoy everyone else by playing music, you probably won’t have much use for that. You can, of course, access the Freegal website through your home computer and stream there though.

The app version doesn’t have as good a search engine as the website version. Neither has a great search engine by any means though, you can search by artist, song, album, or video. It doesn’t like typos though, if you get one letter wrong, what you want won’t appear in results.

You can browse by category too, but that’s not user-friendly at all. Sometimes just by browsing you’ll come across something, then when you search for it again later, you can’t find it., even though you know it’s there.

Freegal doesn’t have every song out there, most record labels aren’t on Freegal. Sony Music and companies they own are most of what’s on here, but it’s not the entire Sony Music catalog, a myth a lot of people promote Freegal with.

The fact it uses just one company’s music catalog isn’t really in line with what libraries are about. Imagine if we only had books by one publisher and that you couldn’t get the top-selling author’s books in the library? Likewise, if you could only get DVDs for one film studio. Yet this seems to be acceptable for music. Especially if your local library isn’t buying actual CDs anymore because of Freegal.

For example last year the biggest songs or artists of 2015 weren’t available on Freegal, such as Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and so on. Nor will you find any albums from your biggest bands of all time like The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Prince etc. You’ll find plenty of karaoke versions or cover bands by all these artists though. Some unethically use a band name that is the album or song name confusing some elderly customers and those, not that tech savvy.

freegal music library

There are some big artists songs/albums on here though such as Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Weird Al Yankovic, Pink, Meghan Trainor, David Bowie, Billy Joel, Elvis, The Wiggles, Avril Lavigne. Some artists have an extensive catalog, others such as The Veronicas, Aerosmith, just have their last album as obviously, their former albums were on another label.

You will find some old soundtracks that are hard to find on CD such as The Goonies. You’ll find every song ever released from Glee although you won’t find a single one from Nashville. A lot of soundtracks or top twenty or themed compilation albums will have some of the songs, but not all of them if those artists on a different label to a Sony owned one. Freegal is definitely worth using as there is some good stuff on here. Just a lot that isn’t.

The app version doesn’t have Recent Releases. On the website, you can see the last 100 songs that have been added to Freegal. Some of these are new songs, some are old stuff that you might have searched for before and they weren’t there.

The app also doesn’t have a My Wishlist feature. On the website, you can save stuff to download later if you’ve used up your three downloads or are just surfing the site to see what’s on here (as I mentioned it’s sometimes hard to find stuff in the search engine).

But use the website instead of this app, it’s much better. The website a year ago used to be a lot worse than it is now, so perhaps the app will improve over time too.


By Scout Summers

Need Wishlist and Other Functions This app is mediocre as is. What would make it great is adding the functions available on a browser. Having a menu to choose whether to download or add to a playlist or wish-list would be stellar. Also, the ability to view your wish-list on the app is an essential function still lacking. No complaints about the music catalogue given the price. For anyone who thinks its limited, you need to broaden your musical horizons. Lots of original classics.

freegal music search

By Ali Diaz-tello

Love the idea, but frustrated First of all, I’m so grateful that this service exists. For real, it’s life changing. When it works, it’s amazing! But even when it is working, every time I open the app I’m told that I need to log out and update the app.

Sometimes logging out and turning off the app works, but a few times I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall. I don’t think I’ve ever successfully been able to stream music. It’s supremely frustrating, but hey, I’m spending time and not money on some seriously legit music.

freegal music streaming

By K. Born

Too many reminders! I have found some good music on here and enjoyed that. It doesn’t have everything, but for free and legal music, I wouldn’t really expect that. But there are too many reminders/notifications from the app, that can’t be disabled. I don’t want multiple notifications a week, every week from this app.

freegal music

Freegal Music Download

You can get the latest version of Freegal Music App from your respective app stores such as Google’s app store Play Store and Apple’s App store iTunes.

Freegal Music APK Download

Download the Freegal Music APK . It is recommended to download apk from the link given, to stay away from unwanted malware which could harm your devices. To install apk, you first need to allow installation of apk from your phone settings. Go to Settings> Security> Unknown Sources. Enable or mark the Unknown Sources to allow installation of Freegal Music apk on your phone.

Last updated on May 05, 2019.

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  2. The freegal app will keep music for a few months then delete it completely from my phone. This app is a piece of junk!!!!!!

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  4. Why in the hell do you require a public library card and pin number.? Stop requiring a bunch of shit on these apps. Let a person download the app and get busy finding music they enjoy. You shouldn’t need any other information.

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