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MP3 Juice Downloader app is one of the best mp3 music downloader apps. Like it’s parent website, the app provides millions of free mp3 songs for download. As we all know that Mp3 Juice is the leader in the field of mp3 music and mp3 search engine. That makes this app one of the best and reliable downloader. The app is rich in features, light with the inbuilt player, and straightforward functions. In this post, we will see some of the main features of the MP3 Juice Downloader app, where to download MP3 Juice Downloader app and install and also how to use the app.

The service is based on fetching data or mp3 files from various popular public domains like YouTube, Soundcloud, and many. Not only that, but it also provides speedy service and quality content. As we always said in our reviews, there are hundreds of apps that claim to provide free mp3 songs, but only a few actually deliver.

The main reason we keep you informed about these best mp3 downloaders that actually works. As a lover of music, we keeping exploring or hunting for the best apps that will help music lovers around the world to get their favorite songs easily.

Why most of us look for mp3 downloader? The reason being that we are looking for mp3 songs that can be downloaded to our devices and listen to them whenever and wherever we like. There are plenty of free music streaming apps, however, the majority of us still prefer mp3 downloaders.

There are times we are in an area where the internet connection is weak and it is not always possible to stream music. Having mp3 downloader and downloading our favorites songs is the best way to keep ourselves self-entertain even when we are out of internet connection.

Of course, there are hundreds of downloaders to choose from, good mp3 downloaders are hard to find. When you browse around in the app store for mp3 downloader apps, you will see hundreds of results. It’s not an easy task to try and test each individual apps and most of them are just useless.

To make things easier for you, we have been providing you with some of the best mp3 downloaders that are available for free. MP3 Juice Downloader app is one such app that delivers what you are exactly for, that can get you your favorite songs anytime you want.

MP3 Juice Downloader App Free Download

Some Main Features of MP3 Juice Downloader app

Now let’s see, some of the main features which make MP3 Juice Downloader app one of the best mp3 music downloader apps.

Light & Clean UI: MP3 Juice Downloader app is very light, it is just around 4 MB in size. Even, if you are on low memory this app will not take much space of your memory. The design is simple and clean. The overall design is a user-friendly and straightforward app. There are complications involves in its functions. Launching the app, will take you directly to the app homepage and start your search directly.

Easy Search & Huge Database: The app has a simple and advanced search function. The search bar lets you search by Artist, song title, album. In addition to that, the app gives you a detailed list of genres from the menu. The menu button lets you open the genres section such as hip hop, pop, country, ambient, classical, alternative rock, and many more.

There are also genres tagged as Audiobooks, Business, Comedy are also listed. not only that, the app comes with an inbuilt mp3 player, which lets you preview any songs before download.

Like its websites, MP3 Juice Downloader app works on simple logic, it pulls mp3 files from other databases like YouTube, SoundCloud, 4shared, Yandex, CK, PromoDJ, and more. and other popular music archive sites. Due to the large amount of data these other services have, the app can access all of these, so it means that the app will find you almost any song you search.

The app also has lots of tracks on its own archives so getting zero search results is very unlikely to happen with this app.

Fewer data & No Ads: The app is designed in such a way that it takes into consideration the connection speed of your internet. Even if you are on a slow connection, the app will make sure that it downloads mp3 files according to your speed. This makes the consumption of data less. The app is also free from annoying ads or pop-ups.

Download & Cutter Options: Download is simple, it just takes a single tap to download a song. From the search results, just tap on the song you want to download, it will download automatically the song to your device. There is a cutter, to lets you edit the mp3 file or cut the file as you wish. Not only that, but it also lets you select the mp3 file quality into 128kbps, 192kbps, and 320kbps.

MP3 Juice Downloader

MP3 Juice Downloader app Download

MP3 Juice Downloader app was available on the Google Play Store for a couple of years and was one of the top downloaded and the top-rated apps. Unfortunately, it was removed from the app store may be due to some legal issues or Google’s policies.

However, there are some sites that still offer links to download the app. We are not sure whether the app is still updated or from the developer of the original app.

You are free to browse around and just give it a try, you might work and still delivers what it promises. But be careful whenever you download apks, because many apks or apps are infected with malware or virus that could harm your phone. Before you download and install any apks it is a good practice to verify the site where they are hosted.

MP3 Juice Reviews

Here are some reviews and comments on MP3 Juice Downloader app from users.

Nan: I love it works great. All other apps are useless, not just saying this either, I need my music and this one has come through for me so keep up the great work guys. you rock!

Skyla: Found just about everything I wanted for download. Lots of ads but works well, it downloads straight to my phone’s music app. Great app.

Luis: Don’t know why everyone else said they have problems, it works fine on my phone, I get any song I search for no issues here.

Audrey: Far better than the other music downloader apps. It can download and it will give you the right music you are searching for.

Mackenzie: It’s really good the songs are original sound and I recommend to all music lovers.

Victoria: This is good, but on some of my favorite songs I can’t hear, although I have earphones on and when I take them out, I can hear the songs, so I’m kinda confused about that.

Sam: This app is great, I love the mini video that comes up and not to mentions how good it is at finding even the hardest songs.

Budder: Always buffering, won’t turn off the device when music is playing, no option to close mini-window.

Musfirah: I think it’s really good and it let me listen to all my favorite songs. You should download it as always it’s my opinion so yeah.

Ed: It is a bit confusing. I really had to read a bunch of the reviews to understand how this works. I went to YouTube and copied the URL of the video and opened the app and went to the service list. At the bottom of the screen you will see add URL, but that and give it a few because it is converting the video into mp3. After that is done you have to hit the save button at the top right corner of your screen and it will be saved in your media. Great app.

Nicole: I am Happy, I saw all of the bad reviews but then I saw the most recent reviews saying that the reviewers who gave 1 star just do not know how to use the app properly. Well, I converted my first video to mp3 and it played fine. I wish I could trim some of the files off because it has talked that I don’t need. If anything changes I will come back here and amend my review. 

Jervify: Nothing wrong with this app. This app is fine on YouTube. Copy a link to a YouTube page. Go to the service list and click Add URL. You can navigate and search on YouTube and just hit the save button to convert and Ok to download the mp3 when prompted.

Khegnlois: The boom. This is the best by far! Believe me, people! I went to YouTube and copied the URL and went to this app under the bottom where it says add URL I posted the video there and your results will come up, then click the save button @ the top and you’re good to go!!! Was searching for two songs on another app that I considered the best, but I’ve now meat the best.

Sean: Not too bad. Guess you can’t download songs. They just appear on your list when you click on them and can’t make them into ringtones. Oh well though, it has every band I’ve looked up so far.

Mark: I love this app music it let you play all the song you want. You guys should try it and plus no adds the right app to listen to music.

Solomon: MP3 Juice Downloader app is cool and all but after 9 downloads it loads songs but doesn’t let me preview or download them please fix cause if it’s fixed this will be my no. 1 application for downloading songs.

Brian: Great app, just make sure you have a music player app to play your songs, I recommend “Rocket Player” look it up in Google Play.

John: It’s good, but the song that I want to hear it has a different version of what I listen to. So I downloaded the same song but a different version and when I finally found the one that I was looking for it would not let me download it.

Ariel: The best music downloader apps I have used. Quick search, fast download. I recommend to the users to search for the artist because it will show a lot.

Tracy: Superb, capable to find any song when my other downloader said “no-track” brilliant app.

Ally: This app let me download songs so that’s good, haven’t had any promises so far so I think it’s great.

Leigh: I love this MP3 Juice Downloader app. I just got it but all the music I want is right there. I downloaded and it saved to my downloaded folder and I copied it over to my music folder and boom.

Kate: I really love this app. But it has a little problem because one does not have the possibility to listen to the music before downloading. But apart from that it’s perfect.

That’s it on the MP3 Juice Downloader app, please feel free to check out other mp3 music downloaders that we have listed below.


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Last Updated on February 28, 2018.

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