SONGily Pro Download and SONGily App (Beta) Download

Hello Music Lovers, this post will walk you through the features, reviews of SONGily Pro and a link to download Songily Pro. As a lover of music, we constantly look for a new and best mp3 downloader apps for our readers to download free mp3 songs. Getting access to unlimited songs is everyone wish, and there are very few apps that actually provide that. However, finding such apps is not an easy task. There are hundreds of music apps flooding the internet claiming themselves to be the best.

In this post, we will introduce to you one of the best mp3 music downloader apps that can actually help you download millions of songs for free. This App is called SONGily, which has recently become increasingly popular with millions of free songs available for free downloads. with 4.2 ratings on the app store and millions of installs, it is right now one of the hottest music apps.

Finding high-quality songs for free is hard and usually only paid apps provides high-quality music. SONGily is one such great platform or app which provides unlimited high-quality music or top-rated music tracks for free.

Competition is very high on free music downloading, developers or providers have to give something unique to users to be among the best. That is what the developers of Songily Pro did and they specially designed the app for downloading free mp3 music easily. This is the main reason they made it to the top of the music app chart.

SONGily Pro Download and SONGily App Download

If you are looking for a music app that can download free music, look no further, Songily is the right app for free music. It has all the latest trending music, top chart, music cover by the best covers and songs from around the world. You can download by albums, songs or artist and it gives you all the options that you want them in a music app. Songily Pro is not just a downloader, it also has a powerful built-in player that lets you play or preview any songs.

Features of SONGily Pro & Beta

As mentioned above, Songily has received millions of downloads and millions of free mp3 files. It is designed especially for free mp3 downloads and has become one of the most recommended music apps. Let’s see some of the amazing features of SONGily.

Simple & Friendly UI: Songily has a clean and friendly user interface with a light green background color in the lighter version. The Pro version has a dark background. The app is designed to be light and as simple as possible.

songily light version
Songily Light Version

It is a straightforward music app, in the light version. there are no hidden menu or tabs. It just has a homepage and a search bar on top of the screen, and the main homepage displays the Top Chart.

songily pro version
Songily Pro Version

Whereas, on the Songily Pro version, the main homepage display the Top 12 Chart and menu or tabs on the left navigation. The left menu contains Videos where it displays all the supported video sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Download folder where it stores all the downloaded files and a Settings tab.

Songily pro

On the Songily Pro version, the Search bar is also on the left main menu. These both versions are available completely free. The design and concept of the app are much better than most other apps. Songily is perfect and stable for both android mobiles and tablets.

Huge Library: This is one of the most important aspects to consider when looking for a music app. It should have a large library of songs so that the chances of failing to find a song is low. Songily has one of the largest database or library of songs. This where it outclasses many other great music apps. It has all the latest, trending songs from around the world and kinds of music genres. It is one such great platform to find the top rated music tracks for free.

You can download millions of music for absolutely free using with SONGily. With this app, you can get your favorite music by just typing in the name of the song. Download it for absolutely free on your phone and listen to them offline wherever you are. Songily Pro doesn’t charge you anything and there are no hidden charges. In the beta or light version, all the music are easily available as mp3 while in the Pro version you can get them as either mp3 or mp4 as you wish.

Top Charts & New Releases: Songily has the Top Charts section which displays the Top Songs or the most popular or trending music right now according to its user’s statistics. You can also filter the chart by genre, albums, or songs. It also displays all the latest releases from around the world, which is a great way to stay on top of your favorite music and expand your collection.

High-Quality Audio: Sound quality is one of the most important things that should be considered in a music app. All the tracks provide by Songily are of high-quality mp3. In Songily, you will hardly find any low-quality music. SONGily provides you with this amazing music quality.

Powerful Search: Songily comes with a powerful and advanced search function with great speed. With Songily, you can search by title of the song, artist name or album. Songily just takes a second to give you all the related search results. However, the time taken for the results may depend on the speed of your internet connection.

In-built Player: Songily Pro has a nice inbuilt player to stream or plays a song before downloading them. The player in embedded at the bottom of the screen with the ability to pause and resume. It also displays the duration of each track. The best thing about this in-built player, it plays the songs even in the background locked screen, so you can browse around or do your things while listening to your favorite songs.

Separate Video Converter: Another great feature is a separate video converter to let you any video into mp 3 files. This tool lets you download any videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and by just pasting the video URL. However, this feature is only available on the Pro version of Songily.

songily Video Converter
100% Free: Songily app is completely free to download and use. Not only the app even all the contents are also free to download. As mentioned earlier, the main focus of Songily Pro is to provide 100% free and unlimited access to all it’s contents. This is the most amazing feature of Songily music app, users get unlimited access to every feature free of charge, unlike most music apps.

Frequent Updates: As the app is still in development stage, the developer releases regular updates to improve and fix certain bugs. It is important to check and keep updating the app for better user experience. With each update, Songily gets better and the user interface also gets better. So, do always check for updates.

So these are some of the amazing features of Songily music app. Check here to download Songily app and how to use this app from below.

How To Use SONGily Pro & Beta

Now you know all the features of Songily, now let’s see how to use this beautiful music app.

First things first, please note that there are two versions of Songily app, each with different functionalities. Download whichever you want from the below-given links. Lets assumed that you have downloaded and installed Songily app into your phone. Open the app as you normally open apps. The app is a straightforward app, it will directly take you to the main homepage.

In the beta version, the homepage will present you with the Top Chart and the Search bar. There are no hidden menus or tabs.

To Search a song, just enter or type the title of the song you wish to look for and tap on the search icon. You can also search by the artist name or name of the album. Wait for a few seconds for the app to give all the related results. However, the time taken for the results to be displayed will depend on the speed of your data connection. See Screenshot below.

How To Use SONGily App

To preview or play a song, select from the song you are looking from the result list, tap on the song. It will be given an option to either stream the song or download the song to your phone for offline usage.

To stream just tap on the Play icon, the inbuilt player will automatically play the song. The built-in player plays the songs even in the background locked screen, so you can continue searching for songs or continue with other works.

songily download

To Download a song, just tap on the Download icon, the app will automatically download the songs in the background.

In the Songily Pro version, similarly like in the beta version the homepage present you with the Top 12 Charts. On the left navigation menu, there are four tabs and a search bar. The videos tab is for converting videos, Downloads for all the downloaded files, Settings and Help page.

To Convert videos into mp3s, just open the Videos tab and paste the URL of the video you wish to convert. This supports videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and When you paste the URL, to indicate the video source by selecting from below. Once you enter, the app will convert the video into mp3 files.

Songily Convert videos into mp3s

To search a song, just open the left navigation menu, on the Search bar, enter the name of the song or artist or album name. The app will then search and gives all the related songs.

songily search a song

To Preview or stream a song, just tap on the song image icon. See screenshot below.

songily download songs

To download a song, just tap on the Download icon from left. To download the song into mp4, tap on the Video icon and select the resolution as you desire. See screenshot above.

SONGily Beta & SONGily Pro Download

You can get the Beta version of SONGily from the Google Play Store. Or you can just open your Play Store and search for Songily, select and install into your device. You can download the Songily Pro version apk from here Songily Pro apk and install it.

It is recommended to download apk only from the official site to stay from unwanted malware. There are many sites offering apps apk that are often infected with viruses and malware that could cause harm to your phone.  Both the versions are completely free to download and use. There are no hidden charges, except that the app comes with some ads. The Ads are not annoying and no pop-ups or force ads.

SONGily Additional Information

Last Updated: May 10, 2016
Installs: 5,000,000 – 10,000,000
Current Version: 2.1.0
Requirement: It requires Android 4.0.3 and up running.
Content Rating: 12+ Parental Guidance Recommended
Offered & Developed By: SONGily

SONGily App Permissions

There are certain permissions which you need to grant them for the app to function properly. These are not a thing to concern much about. These permissions are common and needed by Android applications to perform its task.

Let’s see some of the permissions needed by Songliy. It can read the contents of your USB storage, modify or delete the contents of your USB storage. It can also receive data from the Internet, this is needed to stream an download songs for you. It can view your network connections and get access. It can also control vibration and prevent your device from sleeping.

Now we have to tell you everything about Songily app, it’s up to you now whether to make use of this app or not. Hope this app helps you get access and download unlimited songs for free. Download Songily app now and take music wherever you are. If you like this app, please do share, so that others might also make use of it. Do also check out related free mp3 music downloaders from below.


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