MP3 Music Download Hunter App for Android (Latest Version)

MP3 Music Download Hunter app is relatively new, which is designed for the Android operating system. Like most popular mp3 music downloader apps, it lets you discover music and download MP3 music for free. Though the app may let you search for songs, you may not find the exact song you are looking if the songs you are looking for are popular commercial music. The app will give you only free MP3 music released by independent artists and labels. Please note that this is not Free Mp3 Hunter.

Like any other apps, MP3 Music Download Hunter app lets you search for music and browse music by genre. You can select your favorite music genres from a few dozen available rocks, electronic music, pop, hip hop, ambient, jazz, metal, classical music, techno music, hard rock, down-tempo, rap, pop rock, punk, etc. and download them as MP3 songs. You can listen to the downloaded mp3s offline whenever you are or free. With this app, you can create your personal MP3 music library, and listen to music at any time anywhere.

MP3 Music Download Hunter App for android

Main features of MP3 Music Download Hunter app

Let’s see some of the main features of MP3 Music Download Hunter app.

MP3 Music Download Hunter app has more than 1 million MP3 songs available for streaming and downloading. It ranges from Pop rock through jazz, classical music through metal and Dub-step through folk music.

Main features of MP3 Music Download Hunter app

All the music or songs that are available for downloads are released under Creative Commons license. Which means they are legally free to download, listen to and distribute MP3 for free for non-commercial use. Discover new music, listen to and download MP3 songs, and enjoy music on your mobile device for free and with no limits. It gives you free access only to MP3 music legally distributed under Creative Commons license.

MP3 Music Download Hunter features

To download MP3 music for offline listening that is released commercially e.g., popular music like Clean Bandit, The Weeknd, James Arthur, Maroon 5, Kendrick Lamar, and others we may use other music mp3 downloaders we have listed in this site. Please note that MP3 Music Download Hunter app is an mp3 downloader app where you will not find popular mp3 music, but only free music which you can download and share legally.

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MP3 Music Download Hunter for android

How to use MP3 Music Download Hunter app

First things first, first get MP3 Music Download Hunter app, see how to download MP3 Music Download Hunter app from below. Once you installed on to your device. Open the app, the app is very straightforward, it will take you directly to the app homepage. The homepage will display a list of trending songs. See Screenshot below. Tapping on the individual song will let stream or preview. Tapping on the download button will automatically download the song to your device.

MP3 Music Download Hunter homepage

The main Menu on the top left corner of the Screen will show all the Trending songs. Tapping on the Trending menu will take you to the page, where it will display all the music genres or categories which you can explore them.

MP3 Music Download Hunter search

To search, just enter the name of the song or artist name on the search and tap on the search icon. It will display all the relevant results. Clicking or tapping the hashtag icon (“#”) at the top of the bar will let you directly search or browse songs according to a music genre that you like. Once you tapped, a pop-up screen with all the music genre will display, select the genre you want to look for.

MP3 Music Download Hunter sound search

If you know an independent artist or record labels which release MP3 music under Creative Commons license, you can directly enter the name of a song or an artist. For instance, try “Tunguska”, an independent music society that publishes chill out, ambient, nu jazz free mp3 music, hopefully, you find lots of results and enjoy.

MP3 Music Download Hunter app will try it’s best to find such MP3 music songs which you can enjoy and download to your phone. If you want to refresh the list of songs, just pull the screen down, the app will refresh the mp3 songs list, which will let you enjoy other music of the same genre and download them to your phone.

MP3 Music Download Hunter app lets you easily access all your downloaded mp3 music from a separate tab by just tapping on the download button in the top right corner of the screen. If you want to share your downloaded Mp3 songs with your friends just tap on it and it will give the sharing options.

Download MP3 Music Download Hunter app

You can get the latest version of MP3 Music Download Hunter app from the official Google Play Store. Just open your Play Store app, on the search bar just type “MP3 Music Download Hunter’ and hit enter. There might be a similar app, be careful in selecting, see the screenshot below for the exact match. Just tap on the install button and wait for the download and installation process to finish.

MP3 Music Download Hunter app download

MP3 Music Download Hunter Additional Information

Last Update: 20 June 2017
Current Version: 1.0.170620.0
Requirements: It requires Android 4.0.3 and up running.
Content Rating: Rated for 3+
Developer: Tuneself: Apps to stream & download free MP3 music

MP3 Music Download Hunter Reviews & Feedback

Axel: Awesome App. It’s pretty good. It didn’t have all the songs that I was looking for but, I discovered new ones.

CALL: It’s a good app. Free Mp3 Hunter. but I cannot find the music. I recommend this MP3 Music Download Hunter for contrary people overall it OK I guess.

Dalton: Free Mp3 songs Hunter. Why who cares if I can’t download the songs I want. I love this app and it has good music so I recommend.

Matt: Nice app. No, it didn’t have every song I wanted, but I found some new favorites. Not bad at all. Just not enough songs to download. No Name Artists, but Fantastic Music! I am Shocked. 

Robert: Love it, that I can listen to my music anytime I want anywhere also it rocks awesome.

Emmanuel: It’s not bad, just that the app doesn’t have a new song but at least when you start using, it tells it’s doesn’t have a new song from today.

Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft
Download Mp3 Music: One of the Top Mp3 Music Downloaders

Drake: Great for exploring new music. I wanted to listen to something new and this app gave me just that. Once I selected the #electronic tag/type, I could listen to electronic music by artists I’ve never even heard of. The good way to explore outside my bubble.

Eugene: The best Mp3 downloader! Nice app. It provides fast music download and easy to use.

Zart: A great simple app that makes it easy to find and enjoy new music.

Maxim: My favorite app! It’s free and features a good selection of music (almost any genre), no ads, easy to use. Enjoying it on my tablet and phone.

Melizajoy: Hopefully I enjoyed your app. And it will work well to my phone Hoping for any trouble or annoying. 

Aileen: This is a really fun app! I really like this app because I really like music and in this app, people can express there love or music as well. People can express their love for music by making remixes. Many people think that a remix is just a song that is sped up. This is not true, people put there heart and soul into this remix. I this app you will find many people with a lot of talent.

These are the reasons why I love this app. Also in this app, you don’t have to buy premium in order to hear good music. If you’re looking for a good app for music I suggest you use this app.

Ron: Loved It. I thought I would never find a music player or downloader and this is both including awesome music and audio.

Moonlight: Finally something that works.I know it’s not perfect but it works. I have been looking at so many other music downloaders and not a single one worked. So yes, I may have overrated this app because of my excitement. 

Kyla: MP3 Music Download Hunter app is useful. At first, it would load the songs I wanted, but it wasn’t even the songs I wanted. I have looked through dozens of apps and have yet to find a good music downloader. All I see are mp3 players. 

Carey: As far as music downloader go, this one is alright. It doesn’t have a huge music selection but it seems to have the ones I’m looking for. It has a few ads but other similar apps have so many more this is like a walk in the park.

Mark: I could actually find some Micheal Bolton and Eddie money that I downloaded sounds good, found Frank Sinatra on frost wire as well as dragging the line by Tommy James, but this app was useful, wonder if I can find good Elvis and Abba songs. Bob Segar is good too.

Shannon: For me, this app is way better than most. You can even type in an artist with the song and it comes up. No complaints. 

Secret: It’s great for downloading music, the only problem I have with it is that I have to move the file to my music player, but that’s not an actual problem because that only means that the app doesn’t snoop in your files. People who can’t find the music that you downloaded, all you need to do is go to your files and then go to downloads.

Berry: I’m very surprised. I looked at the reviews and they were all bad. I decided to give it a try anyway and found out it actually works. I recommend it. Takes a bit of a long time to download but that’s just the device/wifi/storage space I have. 

Mrtermi: It’s great not many ads and no buffering I recommend this MP3 Music Download Hunter app to everyone I found all my favorite songs that I’ve been trying to download for weeks.

That’s it. With MP3 Music Download Hunter app, download free mp3 music songs and enjoy!

If you have any other good mp3 music downloader apps that we have not added in this site, please feel free to let us know in the comments below and we will try to include them so that others may also enjoy free mp3s.

Last updated on February 27, 2018.

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