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If you are looking for the best app to convert YouTube to Mp3 320kbps, TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader app is one of the best apps for that purpose. It is specially developed to easily convert YouTube videos to MP3 320kbps and directly download on to the phone. The app works like an extension like an add-on in certain browsers. TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader app or tube mp3 music downloader is an excellent and amazing app mp3 downloader which works on both smartphone and tablet.

Unfortunately, the developer of this app has not made this app available for iOS devices. Like most of the mp3 downloaders, TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader app is not available for download on Google Play Store. Don’t worry, we have made it available for our readers in this post.

TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader app works as an add-on, for TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader app to works or uses you need to have the official YouTube app installed on your device. YouTube app is what you are going to use for browsing videos and listen before you convert your favorites videos and download it to your device.

TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader app is one of the advanced mp3 downloaders, it is light, it doesn’t take much of your phone storage. It doesn’t function as an independent app, it just added or integrated into the YouTube app and lets users convert YouTube to Mp3 320kbps. This makes it handy and there is no need to open or use an extra app in converting YouTube videos into mp3 and download it to your phone.

TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader App for Android (Latest Version)

With TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader app you can easily watch for videos like you normally do on YouTube. Just look for the video you want to convert YouTube to Mp3 320kbps, with just a single tap you can easily save to it your device as an mp3 format. It doesn’t require techniques or complicated functions involved in it.

You can search a video by title, albums, artists, genres, song, album artists and more. Preview or play before you download. You will found all the functions of the YouTube app, and you won’t notice differences except the Download button. You can have your History list, Your Videos, Saved Videos, and your Liked videos.

How to Download TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader app and use

Like we have mentioned above, TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader app is not available on Play Store, you will have to download TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader apk and install it. We have provided for our readers the apk of TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader apk free of cost. Please, you are advised not to download apk from other websites, as they might be infected with malware that could cause harm to your phone or devices.

Also, there are many similar names that many websites are offering, which is not the same with TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader app. Also, you might be able to install the apk unless you have allowed it to install apks from your phone settings.

You could do this by going to your phone Settings, under your settings look for “Unknown Sources’ tick or mark or enable that option. Once you have enabled that function, you will be able to install all kinds of apks. But be careful in installing apks, there are many apks that can harm your phone.

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How to Download TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader app and use

Lets’ assumed that you have downloaded TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader apk from the link we have given above. Now go to your downloads, and tap or click on the apk. Once you tapped, the installation progress will begin. Wait for a few seconds to finish the installation progress. Once it finished, look at the bottom of the screen and tap on the “Open” button.

install TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader app

Once you opened you the app, you will be prompted to Allow or Deny access to your photos, media, and files on your phone. Allow that, don’t worry you won’t cause any harm.

Once you allowed that, the app will take you to the homepage of the app. Don’t be a surprise, you will see a similar homepage just like YouTube. Now, you will be asked again to install Music Player in a popup, this is the player developed by the same developer of TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader app. This is needed for the TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader app to function. Just tap on the “OK” button, it just takes a second to install.

TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader player

Now, browse for your favorite songs or videos you want to convert into mp3 and download it to your phone.

TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader app android

Once you found the videos, play the video and just tap on the “Download” button or icon which is red at the bottom right corner of the screen. You now successfully downloaded your favorite songs into mp3s. The app will give you an option to either convert YouTube to Mp3 320kbps and other options.

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Responses/ Feedback from Users on YouTube to Mp3 320kbps.

Below are some of the responses or feedback is given by the users of this awesome app.

Raboni: Tube mp3 music downloader is a great app, simply it’s very helpful for me to convert YouTube videos to mp3. If anyone needs a video converter to mp3, you are in the right place.

Julian: Very useful. This is a nice app. It’s very simple, yet very fast in converting videos to mp3, and you easily can find files if you know where you have saved. Best YouTube mp3 converter.

Mark: Good app, it’s so good and nice. Nice and good. But I wanna say that this app is so better than many apps in the app store.

Jeff: Nice app. Too much easy and fast. Nice work keep it up. I can now easily convert YouTube to Mp3 320kbps file.

Stacy: Never seen before an app like this. I have been using a lot of app with this features but this is the end of all. It is good. Much better and it does what it says. It is fast and you cannot put it on the side of another foolish app.

Frank: Simple & easy method to convert videos into mp3. Nice job creating this app. Keep up the good work.

Ahmed: My best regards! Thank You For Your GREAT WORK on Programming this AWESOME APP. And for its stability.

Abdulrahaman: Works unimaginably. I can easily convert YouTube to Mp3 320kbps format which others I tried couldn’t.

Julia: Guys, you have done a fantastic job bringing such an awesome app down here.

Josh: Tube mp3 music downloader app is great, I can now play any videos and quickly convert into mp3s.

Bohmia: You will never regret downloading this application. I’m sure the first thing that came to your mind is that I’m sponsored by the application, well actually no because this app is a legend. I’m telling you from now this app is the best. It lets you convert YouTube to Mp3 320kbps easily. Thanks for reading my own opinion about this application. It is the best free music downloaders.

Mesak: 7 stars! The best converter app and it’s so fast that’s what I like, but guys who create it make this app select more than one video and converting them all, please. It is all perfect. One of the best app to convert YouTube to Mp3 320kbps file.

Rose: One of the first converter app I have tried and it is very good, and the simplicity.

Michael: Awesome app! Easy to use, reasonable speed even for long videos, give out high-quality audio with smaller size saving it to my SD card. No doubt, one of the best Download Mp3 Music.

Elsh: Tube mp3 music downloader app amaze me so much. It’s easy to use and it works so fast. I really love this app.. good work. Now I can convert any music videos to mp3. It’s so much wonderful and so useful.

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That’s it on TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader app, an app to you easily convert YouTube to Mp3 320kbps and save them to your phone and enjoy them whenever you like on the go. If you are looking for more music apps, please do check out the list of music apps we have listed here. If you know any other good music apps, do let us know in the comment sections below.

This post was Last Updated on May 18, 2018.

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