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Download iTube Music – for Unlimited Free Songs

Download iTube Music is a wonderful music downloader and player and it is one of the most downloaded music app in the app store. This app is completely free and there are no in-app purchases too. So that you can download your favorite music for free. iTube Music has so far received 4.3 Ratings from 19,299 users on the Play Store, that’s is a large number and the figure speaks it all. It has a clean interface and easy to browse around. The functionality is superb, searching songs is easy. The app utilize YouTube and use it as a background player. You can easily create custom playlists because of the limitless options available on YouTube. Download iTube Music now for Unlimited Free Songs.

Download iTube Music

Using the the search bar, you can find any lyrics to videos and save them to your phone. The app also have a sleep timer, so you can them to stop the player whenever you want it to. You can create custom playlists and enjoy dynamic TOP 100 Playlists which changes every day. View history of your watched videos and make favorites list.

The app also allows you to Login with YouTube and play & edit your playlists. Share your favorite tracks with your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, email or SMS. It also display the media info on lock screen. The app lets you skip any songs with headphones. It also have other functions like to zoom in and out of the video and a single tap to dismiss controls. Scroll player controls to the left to see sleep timer, rotation lock and more.

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Unfortunately, the app is currently available for android devices having at least Andriod 4.1 version and up running. It is one music app that has a huge database to download MP3 tracks. Though, you need an internet connection to add a song to your play list, and listen to it without internet. We are sure that you can easily find most of your favorite mp3 tracks easily by this app. Why not give this wonderful app a try at least.

Download iTube Music from Google Play Store

iTube Music Reviews

These are some of the reviews on iTube Music from users.

Laiyah: This is a good app, but my only problem is that if I make a playlist it disappears the next time I go onto my music.

Ajang: This app is really good for those that love running, going to the gym and long car/bus/train rides.

Evans: Cool app but you have way too many pop up ads. I love it because I don’t need pay money to play the songs I like.

Josue: It’s easy to use and listen to, while doing other things on the phone. Much better than iMusic from Apple and Groove from Microsoft at least it is free.

Bruce: If y’all can upgrade the app with a feature where the user can X the app out from users screen though the app is still playing/performing. With cellphone screens space is really limited and having the even the small video box showing I myself would have to hold the bud box down and move it around so I could see the contents it’s overlapping. Other than this blind siting the user I have no other suggestions. The app is AWESOME! I mean that.

Sean: Perhaps I was a little harsh so I’m going to edit this review. Here is what I am frustrated with. My YouTube playlist has duplicate videos. When I try to import my YouTube playlist to this app will not import duplicates just one of each video.The reason I tried this app is because YouTube makes it difficult to create a playlist with duplicates I assume because of the loop feature.

Mark: App is great and I like it. Just a few things though. When I’m playing a song, the music would stop for a split second, then the music would continue, and sometimes it would continue to stop, and play again. Another thing is that, the option to “Play Music When Using Wi-Fi”, doesn’t work. So, I would turn off my internet to check if it would work, but the song wouldn’t play, because I don’t have any Wi-Fi, even though I didn’t click the check mark to only play songs using Wi-Fi. One more thing is that, when I’m playing all my songs on a playlist, it ends up saying “Stream has stopped” so basically it crashed, and I would have to go back into the app, to play my music again, but then it did it a second time.

Prottec: Simply the best thing when you want to do something on your phone, but want to hear specific song at that moment. Or watch dank memes while chatting with your friends. Great app, only you can’t lock your screen, when music is playing.

Leah: I love it because it’s basically YouTube but allows you to be in other apps and the music continues. It made me nuts with YouTube that the music stops when you actually want to do something else on your phone. Also offers you categories of music to choose from so that’s nice. 

Simon: Good app with all the access to YouTube! The only quirk worth complaining about is the fact that the background stream will cut out from time to time, creating the need to go back to the home page and restart the music and/or video. If that can be fixed, I’d come back and give this app a “6” star rating!

Tracy: Best app I ever had for music other than YouTube. Does not require a account. You can save your favorite songs. You can also look at the different types of music or you can just search up a song, artist, band or group. You can also watch other things you can find on YouTube other than music. Download iTube Music!

Darkrai: It’s useful but why do you need the big pop up blocking part of the screen? There’s a thing in the notification bar so does there really need to be an onscreen popup constantly there blocking some of what you’re doing?

Sumon: I think, this app is useful any internet user who can minimize the listening song in you tube & doing other work. As usual we can’t do so on YouTube app directly but the app provide us the advantages.

Mia: Stream is the best so far But I wish we can listen to music in sleep mode but every time I use this app my battery goes really low really fast and when I listen to music it stops then continues doing it repeatedly and stream also have lots of crashes I found some glitches to I hope these problems can be fixed.

Ishekk ҆: I downloaded this app for its popup feature but the best thing about it is the long list of suggestions which helps to discover new songs. The suggestions to play next video in YouTube app suck as they are too few in number and over the time restrict’s the person to a few songs. Download iTube Music.

Claudia:  I love this app. Not having any issues so far. But, are all the songs on here safe to use on YouTube without gaining copyright strikes. I love this player. It works great for searching the web & playing music while in some games. The ads are not to intrusive and you can build your own play list. I also like to use it to discover new songs. Over all a great music player.

Frink: I love this app, certain apps u can’t go on (games) when playing, this app u can its just easy but I wan to turn my tablet off when my music is playing but I still like it, I recommend this app if u can’t get on a game. And Spotify I recommend Spotify as well. I use standard YouTube as a music player, Stream takes this to a higher with better recommendations and a genre explorer that helps you find music you didn’t know you liked.

AmirAli: Awesome app. Does what it says perfectly. If we could see comments it’d be nice but not sure if they can implement that with the way they’re using the API. Anyhow great job guys! Download iTube Music.

Kayla: Just started using this app. I haven’t had any issues with it at all. So far so good. I like it! Best thing of the app is that I can do my specific work and listen to my favorite song along with video. And don’t even need to change song one after another.

Joe : Good app for listening to music or podcast from YouTube, while still being able to use other apps. Yeah it has a few ads but what doesn’t now a days? Does exactly what it’s supposed to. No lag or latency issues. Clean design. Just wished you could use it while your phone is on standby, but that’s not the apps fault, it’s a YouTube policy thing.

Defoe: I don’t usually write reviews, but this app deserves it. Pros: Easy to use I haven’t found any bugs yet Plays nicely in the background You can see and hear the video you’re playing whether or not you have other apps open Not many ads Many more useful features Cons: Can’t turn off the pop up thing without turning off the video. In conclusion, it’s a really good app. Also it doesn’t need any permissions unless you sync with your YouTube or Facebook accounts.

Gina: It’s so simple and works pretty sweet, I really appreciate that a few themes are free as well, great app, only thing to improve/or rather add would be the option to have a smaller “video box” if you want.

Last Update on January 04, 2018.


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