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Are you looking for ways to download YouTube videos into mp3 songs or files? Well, there are lots of applications which can perform this task. The best among them is the iTube app which can be used on multi-platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and Desktop. In this post, we will walk you through on iTube download apk for your devices, its features and how to use iTube.

iTube apk download is an incredible app and it is one of the most popular and regarded as the best YouTube downloader apps for free. It has become so popular that it tops the chart of most downloaded apps in the app store for a long time. Unfortunately, this beautiful and handy Youtube Downloader app was recently removed from the app store due to some policies laid down by the app store. However, the iTube apk is still available for downloads.

iTube is not only a downloader application but also a music player and a music manager. iTube lets you search your favorite songs on YouTube, stream and download your favorite music video into mp3 files into your devices. If you are one of those guys who regular watches Youtube videos and want to have them as mp3s or store offline for further use.

iTube app is the perfect choice for you. There’s is no denying the fact that iTube App is the best YouTube mp3 downloaders available right now. Why is iTube the best YouTube Downloader app? Let’s see what makes this app the best music downloader.

itube download apk free

Features of iTube Music Free Downloader Features

As we have mentioned on the homepage of this site, we have tested all the apps before listing here and recommended for downloads. iTube is initially developed for Android devices, but due to its popularity, it was later developed for iOS and Windows as well.

The app may look simple in design but it is a very powerful Youtube downloader app. To find out the incredible features of iTube app, I personally downloaded and install on my device to test it. Without much further ado, here are some of the main exciting features of iTube App.

The iTube app comes in a colorful theme with a clean design and friendly user interface. At first glance, the app may look too simple but once it performs its tasks it is incredibly amazing app. The iTube app has a very powerful search engine or function. Like many other apps, it is located at the top left of the screen for easy access.

Once you open the app, you will find that the app will display a playlist like the Top 100 most popular videos. It groups the videos into different categories or genres like Children’s music, Christian & Gospel, Classical, Comedy, Country, Pop, hip-hop, rock, blues, comedy and many more. The app also has the functionality to let you log in to YouTube account as well.

With the in-built music streaming or player, iTube lets you stream, watch, preview and play different videos and music within the app itself. Unlike other free music downloaders, this app will give you the results of almost everything you search because of the huge library that YouTube has. Once you watched or load the video, the iTube Music app will provide the video cache into an MP3 file which stores automatically into your device. It also has the ability to save them in your phone storage or external storage.

Another interesting feature is that iTube app regular updates and gives you fresh recommendations and playlist. So if you are using this app, you will never run out of options. Regarding the Playlist Manager, upon testing this app, we found that the iTube music player is like any other good music players. It has all the basic functionality of music player apps.

With iTube app, managing playlist, controlling and modifying a playlist for songs and videos is quite easy, all it needs is just a single or few taps. What makes iTube app to stand out from other music downloader apps is its powerful search function.

Since YouTube is the largest video streaming site having millions of videos. Sometimes searching for a single video could become a difficult task by getting some irrelevant results. But this app handles it well by providing accurate results. It scans and search the huge database of YouTube and provides the best possible results.

Another scoring point is the background process. Background process functioning is another very important feature to consider not only in smartphones but even in Desktops. Because this process can determine the speed and functioning of your device. If the app background process takes or consumes lots of your device resources, it will ultimately slow down the device.

With iTube app, you don’t have to have worry about the background processes, you can easily perform multiple tasks while streaming and downloading your music. You can download or stream music and browse the net and perform other activities like Facebook, WhatsApp, check your email etc at the same without any problem.

Unlike most music downloader app, iTube is capable of caching videos, meaning that videos you stream once are stored on your phone storage which can be searched and play offline whenever you are. This is the feature that makes iTube one of the best mp3 downloader apps.

itube apk download

Android apps usually consume lots of battery and this app is optimized to consume less battery. So if your phone has a low battery capacity, this app is a good choice. The less amount of battery consumption means that the longer you can play your music or videos.

This app has an advanced headphone incorporation and works very well with any device. It has an extra button for adjusting the volume, browsing the playlist while performing other tasks without the need to close the app. This functionality is useful for those smartphones without many features.

The iTube app offers users full utilization through which users can control the music with the headphone. For iTube download apk or iTube apk download, follow the steps below.

iTube Download APK Free for Android

As mentioned earlier, due to some policies laid down for apps by Google, iTube was recently removed from the Play Store. However, we have iTube apk for your devices, which will work in all Android versions. Downloading and installing iTube apk on your phone is easy, you just have to follow the steps by steps instructions we have provided here just for you.

1. Download the iTube Apk. Wait for the download process to finish, it might take a few minutes, depending on your internet connection. It usually takes a few seconds, the file size is just around 4MB.
2. Once the download is finished, now go to your downloads, and tap on the iTube apk.
3. Tap on the Install button at the bottom left. See Screenshot.

itube installation

4. Wait for the installing process to finish. Once the installation is completed, you will be given an option whether to Open the application or close the application by tapping on the Done button.
5. Open the Application.
5. You are done installing iTube. See below on how to use this app.

If you can’t install iTube apk, first you will need to allow your device to install apks or application from unknown sources or out of the Play Store. Just follow the steps below to get your iTube gets installed on your device.

1. Go to your Phone Settings, go to All Settings
2. Under Settings, Tap on the Security

android settings

3. Scroll down and look for Unknown Sources.
4. To allow iTube apk to install on your phone, you need to check or mark on the Unknown Sources.

android unknown sources

5. Now go back to your iTube apk and begin the installation.

iTube for Iphone Download

Like we have said, iTube app is developed for iOS devices as well, but due to some Apple App Store policies, it was removed from the store. However, if you still want to try this app on your iOS devices you can download iTube app for your iOS devices. This app works well in iPhone and iPad as well. To get iTube app and working on your phone, follow the below instructions;

1. First, you need to download Vshare from This is needed to install iTube app.
2. Once the download is completed, open the Vshare app.
3. On the top search bar, enter Playtube and tap on the enter icon.
4. From the results drop down, select Playtube FREE-Playlist.
5. Once you have installed on your device, open and enjoy.
6. Playtube got similar features like iTube.

vshare download

Another alternative for iTube app is iMusic IT, go to the Apple App Store and search iMusic IT. This app has an advanced search for videos and channels, lock screen video thumbnail and also lets you create a custom playlist.

Download iTube For Windows PC, Laptop

In case, if you are looking to use iTube app on you Desktop computers or laptop, you will need to have Android emulator installed to run Android applications. There is for free and the most widely used. Now, just follow the below steps to get iTube app running on your PC.

itube for pc

1. Go to this link: and download Bluestacks, please choose Offline Installer to avoid installation while downloading the extension file. The offline installer is about 316MB, so it might take a minute, depending on your download speeds or your internet speed.
2. Once your download is completed, open the downloaded Bluestacks file and install on your PC. Follow the on-screen instructions carefully to avoid installation error.
3. Now download the iTube app apk from the above link.
4. Now right click on the iTube apk, and select Open with Bluestacks.
5. You are ready to go.

How to Use iTube App

iTube Music app has a clean and user-friendly interface, so using it is quite easy. Here’s how you use iTube Music App.
1. Open iTube app from your device
2. The first time you open the app, it will display the Top Charts for you, which you can scroll down, select and play any video.

how to use itube

3. To search a song, video, artiste or album, just tap on the Search bar on the tap, type and enter. See screenshot.

search a song on itube

4. To create a playlist or access your playlist, tap on the single music icon. Here you find your playlist, a login function to your YouTube account, the Top 100, all the different Genres.

create playlist on itube

5. To see all the music video you have played or your cached video tap on the Clock icon. This list lets you play videos offline or lets you download as MP3 files.

cache video on itube

6. Tapping the Double music icon on the right side is the player and the list of recommended videos.

itube recommended videos
7. For the settings like a sleep timer, sending iTube to Friends, Cache Mode and others click or tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen.

itube settings
8. That’s it! Enjoy unlimited music now!

Hope you are able to download iTube apk or iTube download apk free for your device. If you have any problem downloading and installing iTube music app, let us know in the comments below!

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