Download SnapTube App Apk SnapTube Video & Music Downloader

Download SnapTube App Apk: SnapTube Video & Music Downloader

SnapTube App is a popular Video and music downloader app for Android which was launched in 2014. Initially it was available on Google Play Store for a short while and was removed from the store due to some Google policies. SnapTube delivers exactly what it promises to give to it’s users. It is a powerful downloader app that can download both mp4 and mp3 files with ease. SnapTube YouTube Downloader app is designed to be as simple as possible, it is fast and easy to dwonload files which you can save them to your device for future use. With SnapTube App for Android you can download any videos or music from it’s supported sites and social networking sites in various formats and resolutions. In addition to downloading of audio and video, SnapTube YouTube Downloader let’s you manage your channel just like on the official YouTube app. In this post, we will see some of the main features of SnapTube App, how to download SnapTube App apk and how to use it.

Download SnapTube App Apk SnapTube Video & Music Downloader

Main Features of SnapTube App

The best thing is SnapTube app is completely Free, no hidden fees and no annoying ads.It is safe and clean, not virus or malware. It functions almost the same way with TubeMp3 YouTube Downloader App. The app has simple simple and user friendly interface, so there is no problem in using the app, it’s simple easy and plan.

You can download videos from 144p to 1600P as you wish. You can download any music video directly as an MP3 file and save it to your device. There is no extra encoding process involve or plugin needed. SnapTube App comes with advanced download technology, so downloading is fast, you can also download multiple files at the same time. You can also set the maximum download tasks from the settings. You can Pause, cancel, or resume your download.

Main Features of SnapTube App

A huge library of videos to convert into mp3. You can download any videos into mp3 files from it’s support sites. SnapTube App support all the popular video site and social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Dailymotion, Vine, Vimeo, Metacafe, Liveleak, Twitter,,,,,,,,,,

SnapTube app has a custom search results with small thumbnails for faster loading. It also allows users to bookmark any website or video links on the home page. It has a different categories like Music and Movies for faster access and download. It also has a recommended lists to discover new music.

How To Use SnapTube App

Like we have mentioned above, SnapTube App is no longer available from Play Store, download the app from the link given below. Once you have downloaded and installed on to your phone or device. Open the app, you will be taken to the app homepage with all the tabs with categories and the menu on the left sidebar.

How To Use SnapTube App

On the main homepage, it will display all the categories such as Video Sites, tapping on each individual Sites like YouTube will take you to that particular page or site. Like wise tapping on Instagram or Facebook will take you there and look for the video you want to download.

snaptube homepage

When you find the video you would like to download, tap on the video to play, now look at the bottom left hand corner of your screen, there will be a Download button in Red Circle, tap on that to begin the download process.

snaptube download options

Once you clicked or tapped, it will give you an options to to download the video as Mp3 or video and choose the resolutions as you wish.

snaptube video download

You can search for videos in the search bar or navigate to YouTube tab and search the songs or videos by name or artiste or title. You can also filer your search from the bottom of your result page, select the duration and time options, that will filter the results by length and uploaded date of the video. You can also speed up your downloads by settings Max Download Tasks to 1 and pause all other tasks or you can turn off the Fast Download Mode from the Settings.

To download Videos from Other Sites such as Facebook and others, just login your Facebook account in SnapTube app, when you scroll your wall feed and found a video, and if you want to download the video, tap on the video to play, below the video, tap on the Download button to download.

snaptube facebook video download

To download from Instagram, find the video you want to download. Click the More button at the lower-right corner of the picture, near the Comment button.Now tap on the Copy Share Url and head back to SnapTube, SnapTube will automatically open the url and tap on the Download button to download.

To download videos from websites that are not listed in the homepage, just copy the link of the video and paste it in the search box of SnapTube, and tap Search.

To download files to SD card just go to Settings, click Download Path, choose Phone or External SD Card.

snaptube download path

To Share Files or Apk, Go to My Videos – Downloaded, click on the file you want to share, tap Share it, choose file transfer or cloud service like Bluetooth, ShareIt, Dropbox, etc.

Download SnapTube App APK and Install SnapTube App

As stated earlier, SnapTube is not available on Google Play Store. You can only download SnapTube app from the official website here Once you are on the homepage, just click on the Download button, the download will staert automatically. You are advise to download Snaptube app only from the above link to stay safe from virus. Once the download is completed, go to your downloads and tap on the SnapTube App apk. If you are installing apk for the first time, you might need to change your phone security settings to install apks. To do this, go to your Phone Security, under Security tap or turn on “Unknown sources” to enables you to install apks or apps out of Google Play Store.Once you enable this feature, you will be able to install apks without any restrictions.

SnapTube App Additional Information

License: Free
Package name: com.snaptube.premium
Version: (9409)
File size: 8.1 MB
Last Update: August 20, 2017
Support Launguages: Language: English & 45 more
Developer: Snaptube
Security Level: 98% safe
Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up

SnapTube App Permissions

All Android apps needs some permissions to works, so here are the permissions required by SnapTube App.

It can read your contacts, modify or delete the contents of your SD card and also read the contents of your SD card. Can also read phone status and identity reroute outgoing calls. Can get your approximate location (network-based). However, you don’t need to have too much concern about these. These are common in all the apps.

SnapTube Reviews & Feedback

John: I think its ok it can download my favorite videos/films and episodes for free in hd. The only problem is its a bit slow and it has a lot of ads/popups but that doesn’t stop me from rating it 5 stars!

Mousie: It’s an OK app and it downloaded quickly; the only problem is that it always stops whenever I try to open My Downloads. Always worked on my old phone but i’ll have to delete it.

Jean: It has been really good i really liked it it goes fast and it doesn’t go slow love it so much i will use it all the time promise so freaking cool loved it. So cool loved it i had a really good time using it its cool best had been in my life to the end result of this year to wait until long run into my own little sign saying is a good time using it it also has 8 really good time.

Kik: Pure 100 i loved it it is so cool i had a really good time using it it also goes really fast so you don’t have to wait a long time for it ti load lover it. Can you add support for playing YouTube videos by external player like tube mate downloading video is no 1 top app. But if we open this app there is option for playing video by external player in different quality like on tube mate. If this feature added top best no 1 app.only if that feature added then better then tube mate. I hope you added this feature on next version 5.

Matloob: This app can download that video which can not be downloaded by all other app in fact UC BROWSER is also failed I love this app. Get SnapTube App for Android, it’s the best.

Ayisha: It’s awesome. It is very help full for me,it’s very fast and clearly watch the video after download.i love it😘😘👫👍👍

Subham: Best video downloader for android. Easy interface. Only downside is too much ads are displayed. It Is nice but the video quality needs an upgrade. I don’t really like videos that look rather blurred.

Kameisha: This is a very excellent and amazing app. You can download anything. Music videos, movies. It works amazingly good, just perfect.

Annabelle: Awesome app Love everything about it except the fact that the videos don’t go into your gallery.

Sphesihle: Snaptube app is brilliant YouTube has amazing videos and this app is the in helping you download any video that you like. PERFECT.

Joel: I love this app its cool and doesn’t take much time there are lots of videos to choose from and the best part if I delete it by accident when I reinstall it ,it saves every video I downloaded that’s what I call a cool app.

Griffin: It’s an OK App it will download whatever videos I’m trying to watch so it does it’s purpose I guess there is some things about it that could be better though.

Lethiwe: Amazing. I’ve been searching for a website where I can download videos. This app has saved me. I love it! Finally got a good app But video should be downloaded in our video right but it is downloading in this app only.

Safi: Just Great what i was looking for. Only set back is, it’s not of HD quality.

Haku: This is very good video download, i suggest you guys to download it, and, if there is some movie or video you cannot open just download another video player so you can open it. Thank you so much.. I love this apps.

Sheila: Fast and easy download of all videos, for those who are rating the app low because they cant download YouTube. you are stupid, it says in the description that it cant download YouTube videos. almost all video downloaders can’t download yet videos, lucky if you find one.

Carl: Very nice downloader. Easy to use, can download through most video players, very simple as well. Definitely the best out there.

Arnold: A slim app and easy to use which downloads and plays mp4-files without any problems. Actually I did not try out more than this, but this worked really fine. Thumbs up to SnapTube YouTube downloader.

Rae: I’ve been using this app for about 3 months now and ITS THE BEST APP. But, I don’t know why since yesterday, none of the videos are downloading. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME? And I’m not using the YouTube channel.

Max: Edit: I’m happy to find that the adds have been reduced. When compared to other apps similar to this one you’ll see the difference. However when I want to download a video the button will sometimes stay gray instead of turning orange to notify me that I can download the video. So basically I can’t download the video that I want when I want it. But most of the time it works. Thanks for the great app.

Nazir: This app is the best app. Those who see this apps logo and think it is a bad app you are wrong you can download any video from the social media.

Donald: I love your application it’s the best one out there. I love the older movies like war of the worlds 1953 its great keep up the great work. You are outstanding 😎

Marc: Really good I change my mind when i realize that the problem is not on the app but on the phone, thanks snow white apps for an very useful app I highly recommend this app for video downloading..

Joseph: Good app, sometimes hard to find the video out of any other website art, but it still works, and that’s the main thing. It’s easy to use this app although it refuses to at some point in time. Either way, I love the app. Thumbs up.

Isabella: This is so good! Really nice how these people developed this app, it really helps because I had no idea how to download videos and all the other apps were just scams, thank you so much!

Amod: Sir this app is excellent but i don’t know how to download videos i watched your video but i m unable to download!!please help me🙏. This app is awesome I just loved the app its size is small and its useful for me instead of other app I would recommend peoples to download this app…loved this

Alexander: So i downloaded the app and i went straight into Instagram and tested it i thought this app where it says it works and it doesn’t and i found a picture of my friend and it said copy URL and i put that and then went to my photos and that photos and it was in my gallery and the same with the videos now if i find a video on Instagram and i want to re-post it and give the person that posted it i can thanks to this app this will help me in the future and make Instagram more interesting.

Dis: Great app, easy to use, it does exactly what it says it will do, with no extra features to get in the way. I love this app.. this app is so useful.. and its easy to use it.. good quality.. image or video.. nothing got copied or something.. and i really recommended this.. and ITS ADD FREE.

Niha: This app is pretty useful, I use it every time I need to download something from the internet. Best downloader I’ve ever used.It definitely deserves five stars.

Love: I’ve been looking for so long, this app actually works guys, no joke. It might not support YouTube per se, but it’s great for web search!

Rubemae: Thank you much for this apps!. totally recommended happily downloading yoga videos now..thanks again!..👏👏👏 PS: can’t download videos from YouTube people so don’t blame this apps since it’s YouTube policy…search your videos in daily motion or vimeo…all the best!.😘😘

Shanmugam: It’s an amazing App. First and Best I have ever been used. This is one of very best Apps. I love so much… Thanks lot for this App Makers. One request for the Criticizers, please follow the instructions and Setting…

Jacob: Used this app exclusively for a long time, decided a year later to look at other video downloading apps, absolutely no need. This is the best one. Thanks team. Great video downloader. Though it can’t download from a few sites, it has good speed and choice. Thank you.

Dadadadan: This is a good app. Keep it up guys! Now I can watch a bunch of movies and series. Best video downloader ever. I am just searching for downloader in play store then I found this downloader. This is very useful.

Sibanil: I love this app, I have been used this about 4 months but I am being so angry when adds are coming up. I LOVE this app it works wonders if anyone is not sure if they should get it I strongly encourage you to.

Blake: It’s perfect for getting flash files which no other program can do, trust me (i spent 2+ hours looking for an app that could get flash files) this IS the best downloading program for android PERIOD. I’d also like to thank the developers for making this because it’s save me A LOT of trouble 😀 .

Galvin: It’s great until you try to rip videos from sites with pop ups like many anime or manga sites do for revenue. Automatically diverts and distracts the app before you can close it.

Murray: Straightforward, fairly intuitive, even for a first time user that dove straight in without knowing how to use it. Simple, does the job, and not bogged down with adds that make you want to uninstall and seek a better app…..finally…thank you.

Sheri: Don’t know about those who complained, but if you know your way around file manager, this app has downloaded everything I’ve wanted. Works great!!

Kuzan: Let’s you download gifs and the sounds from the gifs all separately as well as every single part of a site and its so awesome. I love it. I tried one other app and it only downloaded the gif not the sound. Reason this app is so great is there are some things you can’t download such as things from COUB (main reason I needed this) or Instagram. No matter what browser I used I couldn’t download stuff from COUB so this app was perfect.! Definite 5 stars! Absolutely awesome app. I used to think my old one was good then when I found yours I stopped using the others yours has all the features and simple love it keep it up.

Carsen: Does exactly what you want it to do downloads pictures and videos from almost any source. for example I use it to download Instagram videos I want saved. It works even for Instagram accounts on private thank you for this great app!! Download SnapTube App apk now, you won’t regret it.

Mustaf: I Love you!! Your app does what it says, thank you so much, i really appreciate your work, you deserve more than 5 star! Your app 10/5.

Ayodeji: Very good app. Except the network is beyond terrible,your file is sure to download.

Uis: It is a very cool app… I can get all the videos i want from Facebook, but there’s only one problem it gets really slow from time to time.

Mark: The new version is horrible! You have to scroll through days of post only to not find what you are looking for from the same day!

Vijay: Good Fast Video Downloader & best of all can download multiple videos at same time. Well Done Thank You. It’s very good and display all kinds of videos you can think of. It’s also fast in downloading.

Kuldeep: This is very good app and download videos faster. So i liked it .but it only download videos in some websites

Siva: Very very good. It can download in all language so I loved it very much 😙😍😍😍📷. THIS IS THE BEST DOWNLOADER EVER DOWNLOAD IT AND YOU CAN DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING!!! YIEE!! NOW I CAN WATCH EVERYTHING I WAAAYTT! 😂😂

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