Download Spinrilla App for Free Mixtapes and Albums

Are you mixtapes lovers or hip-hop lovers? If you are and looking for ways to download free mixtapes and albums for free, Spinrilla is a perfect choice. This wonderful app is completely free to use. Spinrilla provides the latest and greatest mixtapes hip hop mp3 files. It features the latest new single releases and also gives you a sneak peek at the upcoming mixtapes. This post will show you the best way to download mixtapes and albums for free and where to download Spinrilla App.

Spinrilla claims to be the 800-lb gorilla of hip-hop mixtapes and the world’s first mixtape music app. It gives you all the hip-hop, all the time and gives you the chance to discover independent as well as emerging hip-hop artists.

We all know that for a long time in hip-hop culture, mixtapes are an integral part of it. In the 80s and early 90s, it was mainly done through cassettes. Which was later followed by CDs, and now comes in the form of MP3 files. Spinrilla is one of the first and one of the most popular mixtape portals and app today.

Spinrilla follows the DIY nature of mixtapes and was founded in 2013 by Dylan Copeland. Because of the nature of the services provided by Spinrilla, it has become one of the most popular mixtapes apps and websites. The app has been downloaded a million time and thousands of visitors to its website portal.

Download Mixtapes and Albums for Free with Spinrilla App

Spinrilla adds new music daily from underground artists.  If you are looking for independent hip-hop, Spinrilla has one of the world’s largest library. You just to have to register to stream and download your favorites mixtapes for free. With Spinrilla, you can listen to some of the most popular radio stations around the world. As mentioned above, it is among the most popular music apps, right now it is ranking higher than the popular Apple’s Music app, the Amazon Music app, and the SiriusXM Radio app.

Features of Spinrilla App

Now let’s see what makes Spinrilla one of the best apps to download mixtapes and albums for free. Below are some of the main features that make rap music lovers or hip-hop lovers always satisfied.

Friendly & Smooth UI: The app is designed to be smooth and friendly to let users have the best user experience. It has a purple and white visual background to look catchy. It is a very straightforward app.

Features of Spinrilla App

The main screen or home page display sections and the main menu on the left. On the home page, there are sections such as New Releases, Popular, Singles and Upcoming. Let’s briefly dive into these sections. New Releases presents you mixtapes that have been recently released. The popular section listed all the mixtapes that people are listening to the most, most views and downloads. Upcoming are mixtapes that are about to release.

Spinrilla main menu

On the top left corner of the screen is the main menu bar where you will find Radio Stations, Library, Playlists and Account settings. The top of the screen bar with a search icon on the top right.

Huge Collection: Since Spinrilla follows the DIY nature of service it has one of the largest collection of mixtapes. According to the developers, it has an 800-pound gorilla of absolutely free hip-hop mixtapes mp files. That is absolutely large and unbelievable. It hosts a large variety of mixtapes from popular and indie rap artists that are available for free.

Good Audio Quality: The overall quality of audio provided by Spinrilla is very good. According to us, there is no difference between streaming and offline playback. Quality of sound is one of the important features that we all look for in music apps. Spinrilla provides that which satisfies its users.

Free Streaming and Download: This is another great feature of Spinrilla which provides free streaming and downloading of unlimited mp3 files. Its Offline mode allows users listening to music even when an internet connection isn’t available. When you select a mixtape, Spinrilla will give you the tracklisting including the song
titles and durations.

spinrilla streaming

Integrated Player: Spinrilla comes with an advanced and smooth player that can even work in the background. It allows you to shuffle Library and also enables randomized playback as well. It allows you to repeat, or put a song on a loop. It lists all the songs in alphabetical order, so it gives shuffling songs more variety. These options make music listening easy.

Download Manager: It comes with an integrated download manager that also works in the background. You can pause the download and resume it at any time. It also supports multiple files download as well with great speed. Spinrilla is a good app to download mixtapes and albums for free.

spinrilla download

Radio Stations: Spinrilla gives you some of the top radio hits and also some of the popular Radio stations which you can stream them. It also allows you to download mixtapes from these stations.

Advertisements: Like most apps, Spinrilla does come with some advertisements in free membership. However, these ads are annoying and there are no forced advertisements. If you want to get rid of these advertisements you can upgrade to the Pro version without ads. You can also anytime downgrade back to a free membership.

Social Sharing: The app also lets you easily share your favorite mixtapes with friends on most of the popular social networking and messaging platform.

How to Use this Wonderful App

First, get the app and installed it into your device. When you first open the app, you will need to register with your email ID to access the contents of the app. The app homepage or screen will present to you all the sections as mentioned earlier. Tapping on each section will take you to a list of mixtapes – singles or albums. Tapping on a song will take you to the preview and gives you the options to either stream or download.

How to Use Spinrilla App

To search mixtapes, just tap on the search bar on top, all you have to do is enter the name of a mixtape, or by artist name or part of the songs. Wait for a few seconds, the app will display the best relevant results.

To download, tap on a mixtape, you should see a floating download icon at the bottom left of the screen. Once you tap on the download icon, select what songs from the mixtape you want to download. Then tap on the Download button at the top right of the screen. To download an individual or single just directly tap the download icon which is at the bottom left on the screen.

Spinrilla mixtapes download

To access Radio Stations, your Library and your Playlist just go to the left menu. Here you can get access to radio stations, all your mixtapes downloads, and your playlists. Please note that you can create an unlimited number of Playlists.

Download Spinrilla App

Get Spinrilla App now to download mixtapes and albums for free. It is available on both Android and iOS powered devices. It is completely free to download the Spinrilla app from your own app store. You can also use its web portal with access to all the features.

I hope, this wonderful and amazing Spinrilla app helps you to find and download your favorites mixtapes or hip-hop songs. Feel free to check out other downloaders we have listed on our site.


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