Download Gaana App APK ~ Free Gaana Music Downloader

Gaana music is one of the most popular music apps in India. It is a one-stop solution for all your music needs. It offers a free music and unlimited access to all your favorite songs including Hindi songs, Bollywood music, and International Songs. This Gaana music app is a special gift especially to those who are a fan of Bollywood music and songs. With this app, you can find a large variety of different kinds of Bollywood music with different Styles and Rhythms. You can also find different kinds of International music which you wish to listen. This post will highlight some of the main features of Gaana Music app and where download Gaana App apk to download Gaana music.

Be it while you are in a sad mood or in a happy mood, you can choose and select the music types you want to listen. You can also add your favorite songs to the favorite list and play and listen anytime you like. You can even create a playlist of your own and listen unlimited time anywhere and anytime.

Download Gaana App APK ~ Free Gaana Music Downloader

In this Gaana music app, you can find all newly released songs be it Hindi, Bollywood or International Songs. Every newly released song are always added in this app to help users to listen to a newly songs. The purpose of this app is to help users not to get bored only in one music but to widen and sharpen their knowledge in the world of the music industry.

As this app is made in India, do not think that it will include only Hindi or Bollywood music, rather you will find thousands of English or other International songs too. Once your familiar with this app, you will feel the greatness and not want to let it skip to another music app. The greatness of this app is that all songs and music in this app are all free and licensed are all get to let users listen to their favorite songs peacefully.

Features of Gaana Music App

Gaana Music App produces a lot of amazing features which enable users to be more friendly with the apps and updated to the latest music of all kinds of genres. Let’s briefly highlight some of these features below;

1. You get access to over 10 million Bollywood & English MP3 songs of Bollywood and international English MP3 songs. You can tap and choose the songs you wish to listen according to your own mood. It also lets you choose the genre of your own type or music taste.

download gaana music apk

2. It has millions of different kinds of songs are included like Romantic Hits, Sad Songs, Bhangra, Devotional, Rock, Bhajans, and Ghazals.

3.  There are thousands of playlists which are created by Experts and Users. Playlists are one of the important parts of every music app. It can not be excluded from any kind of music app. Creating playlists help users to select multiple songs which he or she desire to listen one by one. In this Gaana app, there are thousands of playlists that are created by Expert and Users to make it search songs easy and quick that help users a lot.

gaana music plsylist

4. You can also listen to a Non-stop Radio. It has 10 Radio Mirchi stations. Besides listening songs from the app, it also has a special feature where you can listen to unlimited songs from the Radio itself and also from 10 Radio Mirchi stations. This Radio service is 24 X 7 and do not worry you can listen to the Radio all day long as long as you wish.

gaana radio app

5. The app supports 21 Languages. The app features 21 languages including the major languages such as Hindi, English, Bengali, Odia, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and other Indian regional languages.

6. Advertisement Free. Ads placed on any apps or site are of disappointment to users. It also creates a hectic problem especially with a low-quality budget phone or any other. Realizing this, Gaana app comes up with ads completely free which users can be more friendly and love this music app.

7. Music is updated on a daily basis for Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Kannada and other regional languages.

8. There is also a dedicated section for Top Bollywood Songs, Ghazals, Romantic Songs, Bhajans, Dance Songs

9. You can also stream new releases from today’s most popular artists. Gaana Music app lets you stream news releases of some of the most popular artists around the world. This lets you becoming updated of any kind of new songs from your favorite artists. Listening to the newest songs of any artists is everyone’s desires nowadays in this modern music industry world.

Besides these, there are a lot of other features that are helpful to users mainly in this app. This list is mainly the popular features that are important to users for a smart using this app.

How to listen to music in Gaana music app

Listening and playing songs in Gaana music app is quite easy. Even a small kid could play and listen to any songs in the app. It has a friendly user interface with very beautifully designed and colors. From the name of the app itself, you can find any songs that satisfied your needs according to your own mood whether you like a romantic song that will feel great to your loved ones or dedicate it to them. Or even a sad song or any kinds of genre.

For listening to any songs in this app, first, download Gaana music app from Play store or in Google web. After downloading, install the app. Then open the app of Gaana music app. After you click the app, you will first see on the bottom of the screen Get started. But before you click Get Started, you need to select the languages from which you want to listen to music. There are multiples of languages you can choose to select the language.

The supported languages include Hindi, English, Marathi, Malayalam and many more. After that, you will be directed to the next step. In this step, you need to sign up with your email account or Facebook account. If you do not want to sign up or create an account in this app, just tap the skip part on the upper right corner of the screen. After finishing that, you are on the main homepage of the app, where you will see many songs to listen.

download gaana music app

The best part of this app is that on the homepage of the app you can see Top Trending songs that are completely updated, New Releases, Featured Artists, Editor’s Pick, Gaana Specials, Collections and many other more. So, if you want to listen from the list that is displayed, just tap on any one of them and it will just play.

Besides, if you want to listen to your favorite songs, tap on the search bar on the upper right corner of the screen and search your songs. It will appear the songs on multiple lists and select one of them and it will automatically play. The best part you will like this app is that you can even listen to the songs you played in the background. You can also pause and play again whenever you wish. You can listen to songs peacefully without disturbing any of your work.

Listening to songs in this Gaana app is completely an easy task. Do not waste your time asking others to play for you a song which you want to listen to. You can set up all by yourself. You can even set your own playlists. To do this, just go to the middle of the left screen and there you will find playlists. Tap on it and create your own playlists name. Select the songs which you want to add to your playlists and tap add to be on your playlists.

For listening to a song on a Radio, first go to the homepage of the app, then tap Radio on the bottom left of the screen. After that, you will find a list of songs and stations that include Radio Mirchi, Popular Gaana Radios, Artist Radios, Mood Radios, Latest Music and Retro & 90s Music.

So just tap on any one of the lists you wish to listen. You can view all the songs on the Radios by tapping on the View All. Then tap on the song, listen and enjoy a beautiful music that satisfies you.

Another interesting part of this app includes a Video where you can watch it. Videos of various top Artists and top albums are included. This will make you more lovely to this app. Sometimes it gets boring some by just listening to only audio songs.

By watching a video of some songs will make you more refresh and lets you understand more about the lyrics of the songs. It is a great way to understand what the meaning of the song is. After all, listening to music in this app is not a difficult task.

gaana android app

Download Gaana Music App

You can get the latest version of Gaana Music App from your own app store. For Android, you can download Gaana Music App from your Google Play Store app and for iOS, you can get it from iTunes.

Download Gaana App APK

Due to some other reasons, if you are unable to download Gaana music app directly from the app store, you can always have a choice to download apk. Download Gaana App APK. Just download and install, it will function normally. Be careful where you are downloading apk, it is recommended that you download only from the link we have provided to stay safe from the virus.


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