Palco MP3 Download for Android & iOS (Latest Version)

Palco MP3 download is the biggest Brazilian website for independent artists which offers more than 1 million songs to stream and download. Palco MP3 is now available as an app which is currently on both Android and iOS devices. In this post, we will walk you through on Palco MP3 download or baixar Palco MP3 or Palco MP3 está and some of the main features and reviews from users.

Palco MP3 downloader is highly recommended for all the lovers of the Brazilian or Latin rhythm. It is not just for Brazilian music, it also has a wide variety of music genres. You can also find music from around the world. It may be mentioned that Palco MP3 downloader app is not exactly an mp3 music downloader app as a whole, but it allows to download music from the available Brazilian database of songs. You may not find all the popular English songs but lets you connect with a variety of individual artists.

Not only that Palco MP3 download lets you listen to radios from many different music styles, over 100 thousand new artists and create playlists with your favorites. It displays the trending playlists, Top Songs, Top Artists, Top Albums and recommended. The App has a clean and friendly user interface with an eye-catching homepage. The homepage displays all the categories such Palco MP3 Funk, World Music, Palco MP3 Rock, Palco MP3 Gospel, Palco MP3 Sertanejo, Hip-hop, rap hardcore, heavy metal, indie, instrumental, death metal, brega, and many more.

Palco MP3 Download for Android (Latest Version)

You can access different genres with just a single tap, it also lets you keep up with the trending artists, songs and albums. You can also create your playlist and download them, all the downloads can be accessed easily and managed in a Download folder from the top left menu.

Palco MP3 Music Downloader App

The app as an advanced searching function, you can search by artists, songs and albums. It will display a list of song, artist, album and the volume of the song. Besides, the app will search songs related to the keywords as many as possible for selection.

Palco MP3 download is a wonderful app, it is not popularly in Brazil, but also gaining popularity around the world. It has already received millions of downloads from both the Google app store- Play Store and the Apple app store iTunes. It has maintained or received an incredible rating of 4.2 which is very rare for any music apps in the stores.

Palco MP3 Download Additional Information

Last Update: February 5, 2018.
Size: In Android, it varies with the device, while in iOS it is around 72.2 MB.
Current Version: In iOS, it requires the latest version of 3.1.1 and in Android, it varies from device to device.
Varies with device
Requirements: For Android, it varies with device. It requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Content Rating: Rated for 16+
Developed & Offered by: Studio Sol

Download Palco MP3

The latest updates of Palco MP3 app has brought a new homepage. Which is now more user-friendly and intuitive. The comes with more advanced suggestion features which makes it easier for users to discover new songs and artists. With the new design, you can now choose your favorite genre with just one tap. You can do this by just selecting it at the top of the app. Palco Mp3 download is now being updated regularly to keep up with the trending artists, songs and albums.

Palco MP3 Download Reviews

Here are some of the honest reviews and feedback on Palco MP3 Download is given by users;

Ana: Great I can find a lot of songs, and it’s work on the second page. I can download songs and it’s free. Love it!

palco mp3 reviews


Sunil: Nice application and organizer the songs and artist and album. Great app, baixar Palco MP3.

Já São: Thanks to this app, I can play my favorite music without internet. Just download your favorite music with the internet in a few seconds and you can play it anytime you want.

Meask: I Love it! I Love it because it has my favorite Brazilian rappers up there! I can listen to it any time I want.

Gleyce: I love Palco MP3 it allows me to do the usual playlist creation with any song I can think of, then goes a step further and allows me to look at other people’s playlist. I can even follow my friends and see what they’re listening to.

Anne: Overall it’s an amazing app, the offline mode is extremely useful when out & about and not wanting to use data/ find hot spots. Premium user so the ads aren’t an issue for me, even then, they’re not that frequent and seemed pretty relevant to what I listen to.

Alex: I like it but. I would really like if you could put more Mexican songs and artist.

Wellful: Yes. Loving this app. Most MP3 apps I delete ASAP because they’re crap, but this one. I think I’m going to hang on to a little bit longer.

Taneal: Good This app is very good for finding songs and lyrics plus you don’t need wifi to use it and if you want lyrics there’s no hassle all you have to do is type in the song name and it will come up with the lyrics to the song.

Chloe: Love it! Finally, I’ve been looking for this forever, and I’m so glad I found it!! It works perfectly no crashes or viruses, a lot of ads though.

Nadya: It’s really cool! People who made this app-thanks. I can find all the music in all genres and download it. Thanks again. Baixar Palco MP3 now.

Ariz: Thank you so much for creating this app I love it so much. There are so many different songs I can listen to. I’m so happy with this app.

Beto: GREAT App. I found great songs from Brazilian independent artists, from rock to forró regional bands and many other rhythms. I can also search for international artists as well. It would be great if we could save preferences, playlists and favorite radio stations.

Shelby: Best MP3 for parties it doesn’t go off but it won’t let me download songs.

Goldy: Learn to read people If the app says over a million songs by Brazilian artists what do u think that means. its gonna be in Portuguese and people shouldn’t give it a bad rate because they don’t pay attention oh and one more thing VIVA MEXICO.

Rachel: Awesome! It’s a great app.No need to be in English. I’ll tell everyone about it.

Nunya: AWESOME Works great but needs work on the ads but otherwise works good thanks.

Cali: Great user experience. As a Prime Music subscriber, I have access to a wide selection of music genres and some really great playlists, including suggestions via the app. There is also access to lyrics for most songs if you’re one for singing along.

Ony: It’s amazing. I can download music for offline and listen to them if I don’t have internet and I love that. I could never find an app that does that but now I have and I love it.

Santhosh: Easy to download This app is really awesome in terms of quality. The app has a minimalistic UI easy to search, listen to the song of downloaded them off you want. Simply great app. Baixar Palco MP3.

Yassmin: User-friendly and easy to navigate. Has stations and pre-made playlists for quick entertainment. I enjoy my music and it serves the purpose well with little hassle.

Eric: I love that they create a discovery playlist for you every week and find that it’s the best at finding songs you would actually like. The selection is great too. The only thing that I knocked it down a star for is the streaming quality of the songs. It is not as good as other services. It would be great if they gave you the ability to stream lossless audio.

Denise: I absolutely love Palco MP3. I love how easy it is to create playlists and find new ones, as well as the awesome radio function. I love that I can download my playlists for offline listening when I want to save data.

Sasa: This app is by far the best music app for offline listening you can download. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a reliable downloader. Their library is extensive and up to date. I was very pleased. They have hits not just from now but, classics as well.

Gabriela: Brilliant app just keeps getting better. New improved Flow is an excellent improvement but it is sad to see OK Google ability only works with Google Home device.

Sana: I thought I would never find a wonderful app such as this. I only want to have a good one but this is one of a kind. You can download and play music even you are on the plane and no internet at all.

Hafsa: Palco MP 3 It’s good and everything buts it is in a different language. And some songs like Ghost from Ella Henderson its not on there.

Baixar Palco MP3 or Palco MP3 Download

Palco MP3 Music Download App is available on both Android and iOS/iPhone operating systems and can be downloaded from the App stores. For Android, you can get the latest version of Palco MP3 Download App from Google Play Store. Just open your Play Store and search for Palco MP3, from the search results look for Palco MP3, just tap on that.

Once you tapped, the installation process will begin by itself. Similarly for iOS users, just open your Apple iTunes app, from the search bar, just enter Palco MP3 and tap on the search icon. Wait for a few seconds for the search results to displays. from the result lists, just look for Palco MP3 and tap on that. The installation process will start and finish in no time. For iOS/iPhone you can download Palco MP3 or Baixar Palco MP3 from the Apple Store iTunes.

Palco MP3 APK Download

Ok, here’s another bonus for those who can’t download Palco Mp3 directly from the app stores. Be careful where you download apks, there are many websites offerings apks that are often infected with a virus. It is recommended or you are advised to download Palco Mp3 apk only from here. In case, if you can’t install your downloaded Palco mp3 apk, go to your device Settings and enable Unknown Sources. If you don’t where to do that, head over to Security under Security settings enabled Unknown Sources. You are done!

That’s it on Palco MP3 Download or Baixar Palco MP3. Hope you love this app. Do check out other mp3 downloaders we have listed below.

This post was last Updated on September 18, 2018.

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