Frostwire Music Downloader App for Android [Latest Version]

FrostWire is one of the best apps to download mp3 songs. FrostWire is a torrent client for Android, that allows users to download all kinds of files. Unlike other torrent downloaders, it has an advanced download manager, with a built-in torrent search and an amazing music player and a media library. Frostwire Music Downloader App is designed with primarily audio and video in mind. Because of its large database, the chances of finding the music you are looking for is very high. It has a simple design with a friendly user interface. All these amazing features are wrapped in one place within the app. So this makes it easy to use and you will find all the files at ease.

With FrostWire, you can easily download music files, movies and videos straight to your phone or tablet. The download speed is fast with no limits on size and speed. Like most music apps, you can create playlists to play your favorite music offline with mobile data or WiFi.

frostwire music downloader app

Features of FrostWire

FrostWire uses a distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing torrent network, so downloads are super fast. The app downloads from many torrent sources and at the same time, splitting the file into multiple chunks. This allows downloading large media files of high-quality including Flac and wav. The apps allows users to download full songs or entire music albums. Not only music but also HD movies and 4K videos. That too much faster than the conventional methods of downloading.

No doubt, FrostWire is a true free file downloader. It can downloads all types of files, apart from music, it can also download books, images, games, pdf documents, software, and so much more.

features of frostwire music app

It has a very useful One tap function to download and seed. You can even use other apps while downloading files. All downloads take in the background. The app can also open any .torrent file or you can even paste magnet link to download any file you want.

The ability to set download files only on Wi-Fi and the options to select download files storage either internal Storage or SD Card. It also comes with a built-in fully-featured music player with gesture support and Auto-pause downloads with a VPN drop. To make browsing easly it also comes with a built-in media browser.

Honest Reviews….

This is easily one of the best music apps I have found. I’ve used it for close to 2 years and haven’t had any issues. Nearly every song I search for is available, and, on top of that, rarely ever will ads pop up. Usually one plays when you first open the app, but then you can use it for hours without any others. I also like that it works while the device is being used or goes to sleep.

Best Music Downloader I’ve ever used. Finds the music I’m looking for. It has all the latest top songs, and everything in between and super easy to use. I don’t know how they are still around and are still able to continue doing what they do but I always find a use for FrostWire and it continues to improve. The only complaint that I have is that I wish the content is newer and the torrents vary during different times of the day.

download frostwire music downloader app

This app does everything I wanted and more. Ads don’t bother me because it’s free. The only problem I have is when I’m trying to download something and I don’t find enough seeders, but that’s not the app’s fault.

One of the best apps I have got on my phone and it does everything I need it to do. I want to download something whether it be a movie or music it does it fast and efficiently. There is one problem that it sometimes starts up and starts draining my battery when I never opened the app.

I’m able to found almost every movie, song, music video, for some reason bad boys from 1983 starring Sean Penn found. Though I love it.

I’ve had Frostwire Music Downloader App for about 6 years with many updates in the past I’ve always been able to exit the app and it would continue to play. recently I would close it and it would stop and I would switch out of it or lock my phone and it would stop playing a few moments later.

I like a lot of crazy good music, I don’t like classical or Jazzy all that much but I do country. But there are certain songs that I want to download that FrostWire does not have and cannot find results for. But most of the time when I go on FrostWire I find what I’m looking for.

Its a great free downloader for full albums of music. You can find pretty much anything. I just wish all the downloads that are available would work, sometimes they don’t. Otherwise, this is the best music downloader for free that I have ever found and have been using it for about 4 or 5 years.

Hands down the best free music downloader out there. My friend and I have used FrostWire for about 4 years now and it’s an amazing app. When connected to wifi, or using data there are some pop-up ads, but not bad.

I love this app and it makes downloading easy and enjoyable. I recommend this app for anyone who is trying to build a collection of media without all the time consuming run around that I found with other apps.

FrostWire was always the go-to back in the day, for anyone who wanted to download music. It never failed to provide a really decent/wide selection, and the quality was equally as good. For some reason, though, this particular app seems to be lacking a bit, in comparison to its original version.

I honestly love Frostwire. Without it, I wouldn’t have had portable music throughout my life. I do love the experience though there are some minor bugs. My biggest complaint would have to be with search results, not enough of them and a lot of music not by the artist and just randos making covers. But then it is still one of the best apps out there.

Download Frostwire Music Downloader App

If you are on Android device, got to Play Store and search for FrostWire: Torrent Downloader & Music Player by Or you can directly get it her Frostwire. Download and installing will take only a few seconds depending on the speed of your internet connection.

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