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Deezer Premium Free Android & iOS (Latest Version)

Deezer is a music streaming service which works a lot like Spotify and Apple Music. Deezer recommends tracks to suit your tastes. There is a feature called Flow that knows your library and selects the songs you want to hear. The more you listen, the more Flow learns your tastes and therefore the better the recommendations. Read on for Deezer Premium free Android & iOS Download.



You can create playlists, as well as import your favourite MP3s, as you can with competing services. It’s also possible to sync those playlists and tracks in order to listen offline, but you’ll need the Deezer Premium+ account for both the importing and listening offline.

Deezer Premium Free Android & iOS (Latest Version)

Deezer has a huge library, it has over 35 million songs, 28 million of which are available in HD. With Deezer you can almost any songs from different genres.

It works on smartphone of most OS, PC and Mac. It also works on many smart TVs like LG and Samsung, Xbox 360 and even BMW cars and Parrot systems.It also has an online player, available on any browser. It’s more functional than other sites, like Rdio and Pandora. Premium users might find the best luck starting out with the web player or on either major smartphone platform, iOS or Android. Elite members, on the other hand, should shoot straight to their Sonos systems to check out their favorite tracks in ultra-crisp HD audio.</ br>

Dezeer app

Deezer premium free offers a free unlimited ad-supported service and Premium+, which is ad-free. There is a free 30-day trial with the latter if you want to try out what it has to offer before you commit, although you can cancel the subscription at any time. Deezer Premium+ costs £9.99 a month for unlimited, ad-free listening and offline playback. An Elite version, essentially offers the Rolls-Royce of streaming music services, for $14.99/£14.99/AU$23.99.

From Play Store:

Deezer means unlimited music, 100% personalised. Search over 40 million songs from the latest artists, or listen to the latest music from any music genre on our Channels. Whether your personal taste runs to classic rock, pop music, disco songs or heavy metal, you’ll find unlimited music to listen to and millions of playlists.

Dezeer pemium

Get your Deezer Flow. All your music and fresh discoveries picked for you and shuffled together in one non-stop signature mix. So much more than a playlist, Deezer Flow is the only music experience where you can press play and get a never-ending mix tailored to your taste in music. If you want a unique stream of your favourite artists and fresh discoveries picked for you, then you need Flow, exclusive to Deezer .

What others say about us:
“Deezer’s Flow feature is welcome: a mix tuned to your tastes based on the songs and artists that you’ve favorited, which learns from the tracks you mark as liked or unliked while it plays.” -The Guardian

Streaming with Deezer
At Deezer, they’ve got you covered whether your music taste is pop albums, rock music, disco songs or any other music genre. You can search, listen and play music from the largest global music catalogue. From Queen’s back catalog of songs to the latest music from One Direction, and everything on the music charts, you’ll find what you want to listen to.

Dezeer pemium apk

Tune into the latest hits and podcasts. Find your favourite music, play artists from the charts or discover new music. Find artists and playlists to match your mood with Channels. Looking for pop music like Rihanna or Sia, classic rock like Queen’s best album or Beyoncé’s latest album? Deezer has all your favourite artists!

Go Premium+

Listen uninterrupted. Hear your music or podcast streaming without ads or interruptions with Deezer Premium+. Use CarPlay to stream Coldplay for a road trip, listen to Adele or just rock out to Nirvana non-stop.

Dezeer pemium apk download

Listen anywhere. Search and download unlimited songs, albums and playlists.Tune into new music from the charts and listen to mainstream music or indie magic with Channels, all offline.


– It’s alive!
Discover Deezer Labs (located in your settings) and try out our newly developed features: a customizable queue which lets you add, remove or change the order of your tracks (available to all on tablet and for P+ users on mobile) and a music sleep timer.
– It’s a goaaaaall!!!
Football has its own channel on Deezer.
– The player is in a league of its own.
Because we like to be on the ball, we’ve made the player in your app more efficient and elegant.

Dezeer music player

Deezer App Additional Information

Last Update: August 16, 2017
Size: Varies with device
Current Version: Varies with device
Reṭuirements: Varies with device
Content Rating: Rated for 12+
In-app Products: Yes
Developer: Deezer Mobile

Deezer Premium Free Android & iOS Download

You can get the latest version of Deezer from your respective app store. For Android, go to Google Play Store and for iOS devices go the Apple App store itunes.

Deezer Premium APK Download

Get the latest version of Deezer APK . Please make sue that you have enabled installation of APKs in your phone by going to the Settings and then to Security. Under Security Settings look for “Unknown Sources” check or mark the button. It is recommended that you download Deezer apk only from the given link above.

Deezer Reviews & Feedback

Here is a list of some of the honest reviews and comments on Deezer made by verified users.

Keats: I only started using this app recently and I loved it until this recent update. It was one of my favorite apps.I can’t even listen to music offline anymore and I can’t select a specific song unless I upgrade to the premium version. I am only 15 and I cannot pay for the premium version. I am super annoyed and very disappointed! I understand that this is a way to make more money, but some people (like me) are unable to pay for the premium version. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Awesome app, Deezer Premium free android is a must have app.

Roy: It’s a good music player better than spotify and other music players in the sound quality but they probably Purposely won’t put cross fade on windows and android because of Apple. They also have terrible device sync my computer and phone playlist are different even though there on the same account. if there was crossfade on android and windows and if they fixed the account sync problem then i will come back to deezer but for now i’m with spotify.

Alex: Hey Deezer having issues with the Android playback. I play one song then get an error message every time stopping me play the rest of an album/play list. I’ve uninstalled and installed many times to try to resolve it but nothing has worked. Not a great player if you can’t play multiple songs, especially on the go. Please help resolve this!

Tracy: Number 1 you can’t play a s pacific song without premium and that costs 6.30 A MONTH 2 it keeps adding more songs. You get interrupted with ads all the time.4 you have to listen until the end to move on with music.u can’t add favorites without premium. It’s good if you spend 6.30 dollars a month. And you only get 1 Month free.  Fix this problems and keep it all free then it will be a good app.

Chris: Great app especially here in the middle east where most music streaming apps are not available. my only problem is that some tracks are loud then it will go back to soft again on the next track. but that’s no big deal. really enjoying this app so much.

Paula: This app is good but I have big problems Like it doesn’t want to add any songs. I add a song and it confirms it but I go to my playlist and it’s not there. Also it removes some of my songs sometimes randomly against my will. Really hope you cab fix this because otherwise it’s perfect and practical.

Keith: Great music experience BUT eats excessive amount of mobile data even when Audio set to Basic (lowest bps) and setting for Smart Cache set to the lowest setting. 187 Mb used in just 99 mins! For years I used Pandora on a 500 Mb monthly plan with data left over after listening 2 hrs per work day for the whole month.

Van: I’ve been using Deezer for so long right now and never had any problems with it. But recently every time I’m listening to music and I unlock my phone, it has to load the song that is playing. Resulting in the song stopping with playing for several seconds. Am I the only one with this problem? What can I do about it?

Stephen: Love the app. Has a substantial amount of rare electronic music I’m unable to find on the mainstream apps like Google Play. With that said. it still needs some work, for instance I can’t move the tracks around in the queue, track info is limited and you have to keep the app open, etc. Still worthy of 4 stars and certainly worth $10 a month.

Aaron: Its a great app but they should implement are timer. That allows you to go to sleep with music on and then turns off after a set time, by itself. That is what would make it 5 stars. Thumbs up to Deezer Premium free android.

Susi: I used to love it but mow I cannot play my music it makes me go onto shuffle mode which I would be okay with except from the fact that it plays songs that I have not saved or downloaded into the app. The songs are not what I enjoy.

Megan: Honestly, this is the best music app I can find. There are less ads than there are on Spotify and there’s no silly premium songs like on Sound Cloud. I really like the flow feature because I don’t have to only listen to one album that I like, I get a mix. I do have one complaint though – the limited skips. I understand that companies need to make money from premium subscriptions but it is really annoying when I run out of skips and something that isn’t even the same genre as the music I listen to. The song suggestions are actually really good fro the most part though, this app really puts Spotify to shame.

Sean; It would be nice if it was for free, because I can’t download any music or play a specific track and I would appreciate if I could listen to some music without wifi troubles and unnecessary payments, I love your app because it is good, and you can’t find this good quality music anywhere else, but I would really like it if it was just for free.

Stephen: I personally love this app I see a lot of comments complaining about adds and quality drop not sure that folk realize that this is a service likes Spotify or Netflix it’s a great product if you pay for it, and to be honest I’ve not downloaded any music from a torrent site or even bought a CD since subscribing to this service, all the music and more is only a search and a swipe away!!

Lucas: Pandora died in Australia so I hunted for a new service. Deezer might not be what I am used to, but damn. The experience is better by a long way. I am glad Pandora shut down, this service is AWESOME!

Moses: Have been using the app for a long time – worked perfectly for me. Came across a few bugs and they were fixed solely by updating the app. Also sleep timer is an amazing new feature. I have upgraded the app.And something still pops up. I need to upgrade the app.And get 30 days free.It does not want to go away.Even if i agree.

Weston: The good: excellent sound quality and reputed depth of catalog. The bad: as someone who likes to listen by album, not easy to navigate said catalog, particularly when multiple artists/composers are involved, particularly classical music. The ugly: again as an album listener, gape less-play albums such as Dark Side of the Moon, concerts, operas etc. have those annoying gaps between tracks (except for once during a brief glorious period then it changed back) and no option for users to get rid of them. I have alerted Deezer to this last issue but no change. For now, I have cancelled and communicated my reasons why to them.

Drake: I hate the fact that if you want to listen to the music non stop without adds, you have to get deezer premium and you have to pay monthly for it. I hate it when I try and look for a song but I can’t because it comes up with adds, can’t get any further as you have to wait for adds to finish.

Victor: that’s a great app and I really appreciate it, I just wanted to say that the album art is a little bit smaller than the other players, cross fade between the tracks should be cool too. Maybe a list of all your downloaded songs/albums/Artists and etc but except for what I said it’s a good and fluid app.

Gediminas: Everything works perfectly, but I miss radio feature in my country. It’s a bit unfair to pay the same price as everyone and get different features. Deezer Premium free android is one of the best mp3 music downloader app.

Carly: I am generally very happy with this app. I just wish you could add more podcasts from Youtubers like David Dobrik, Tyler Oakley, Meghan Rienks etc. As of now, the only podcast from a Youtuber I have seen is Grace Helbig. If you could add more of those Podcasts that’d be great. I know from my cousin that Spotify has them. so yeah. Thanks!

Gray: I got Deezer as a free trial with a new Samsung sound bar and now I wouldn’t be without it. Very simple to use, with very quick downloads. One tap on the Chrome cast icon to play through my TV/Sound bar. Once my free trial ends I will be switching to the family package, excellent value at £14.95.

Daniela: I love this app and I’ve been using it for about a year. It gives no trouble playing my music and of course I don’t go thru the struggle of having ads. I can make my own Playlist, listen to my music without any Internet connection or ad disruptions. And I feel as if $6 a month is not expensive at all when it comes to this app.

Dhruv: This is worse than Spotify. It wouldn’t let me listen to music without paying in some way or another. Such trash. Best music app ever I’ve broken my wrist it is a bit hard to type but OMG im listening to galwaygirl walst writing this it is so good it keeps playing even of of the app and if you make a playlist it auto changes songs.

Tres: WOW! I don’t think I have read so many baby whining comments from people that are either too cheap or too poor to pay a measly $6.30 a month for all the music you could want. So far after a week with this, it is feel better than my previous streaming app, the one that colored mostly in green. No ads, the app feel so light, the UI is so friendly, actually for the “flow feature” i love it the most. I will give you five if i get a guarantee that this free service is totally forever.

Keith: Happy I recommend it to people all the time if you set up auto pay on your service it takes $5 off but if you add this application to your bill it’s like paying $1 for unlimited music thanks guys.

Sebastian: I can’t wait to change to spotify. I’m done with this Apps, and their “loading error”. The app itself is working very well and the music is good. That been said I will never subscribe to a paid stream of any company as long as there is so many other legal ways to listen free on the Internet. And the radio hd is good too. Get Deezer Premium free android now.

Rob: Getting constant error reports using Android, becoming very frustrating very quickly. Struggling to link phone number (to pay subscription through mobile phone bill) with Deezer account. It’s good when it doesn’t kick you off and refuses to let our log in for some reason. I want to know why that is happening. I have to play the songs in shuffle mode because I don’t what premium but I really what to just listen to the music in the order I want.

Lisa: This is a great app. I currently have 664 songs on my playlist. $6 a month isn’t bad, and although the app takes up a lot of my phone’s storage space, having my favorite songs to listen to on demand is great.

Damon: Tell me to download premium plus. The old version did not tell me to download premium + because a want to download music +. But it is a cool app’. Deezer Premium free android is a must get.

Sky: It’s the perfect app for whenever you need some music!!! So many options! Just as good as Apple music! (possibly better). I love this app got premium and everything but the app wont let me listen to my downloaded songs offline anymore, could someone please sort this out for me.

Angelo: Best of the best Free download high quality sound nice interface nice layout just like spotify but with free offline and wide variety of playlists thousands of song.

James: This is the best music app ever. Its been so long i have been looking for an app like this and i finally found it. Simply amazing.

Geniya: I absolutely love deezer music and I would not want to use any other. The music is there when I want it down loading is a breeze. I love deezer. It is an awesome app, the only problem is after a while it doesn’t let you listen to the music any more, you have to pay.

Songsak: Deezer delivers the greatest sound quality! Was using Spotify for 4 years, discovered Deezer and immediately switched. I don’t regret it. Everyone should get this wonderful Deezer Premium free android app.

That’s it on Deezer Premium free android & iOS. Please leave us your comments on this app below.

Last Update on January 05, 2018.

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