Gtunes Music Downloader Pro APK Latest Version

Gtunes Music Downloader Pro apk is one of the best and excellent music downloader we have listed so far. As we always try to provide you only the best music downloaders, so here is another mp3 song downloader with awesome features to help you find, preview and download songs for free. As a lover of songs, we all want a tool- a music search engine to find our favourite music or songs and get them to our devices with ease. In this post, we are going to introduce to you Gtunes Music Downloader Pro. And also see how it works, how to use it, where to download Gtunes Music Downloader Pro APK and some of its features.

Gtunes Music Downloader Pro APK

Size & Speed of Gtunes Music Downloader Pro

Well, this may not be much of a concern for many, but for some users with low phone memory and phone processor. The size of the app and the speed or responsiveness of the app is one aspect to consider. However, with Gtunes Music Downloader Pro there is no need to worry much. The App is very light, it does not reach even MB, it is only around 720kb. With its simple interface and advanced functionality, there won’t be any problem with speed and storage problems.

Size & Speed of Gtunes Music Downloader Pro

Database and quality of the Songs

This is one of the most important things to look for in a music downloader. There are some beautiful music apps with limited less amount of songs and a limited number of songs available for free download. In some music apps, most of the songs are available only for the paid version. However, Gtunes Music Downloader Pro is one such music downloader with a huge amount of database of songs with millions of songs are available for free download. Another good thing about Gtunes Music Downloader Pro is that it allows users to preview or play them within the app itself. So, it gives you the option to download only good quality song or sound. This is the one app every music should definitely have.

Database and quality of the Songs

The App Interface

Gtunes Music Downloader Pro got a simple and user-friendly interface. It has got a black color background and the functions button are in white on the homepage. The function tabs such as Search, Chart, Download, Library, Player, Editor, Rate, and Share are easily accessible. There are no complications involved, even a small kid will be able to use this app. Though, the app comes with Ads, like most free music downloaders it does not have annoying pop-up ads.

Gtunes Music Downloader Pro

Some of the functions are easy to use, for example, tapping on the Player button takes you directly to the music with a list of songs you have played or downloaded. You can also continue when you last left the app. Editing songs, cutting mp3, sorting songs from the library by artists, albums, genres, folders, and playlists are all quite simple. Overall, it has a simple, straightforward Interface and extremely user-friendly.

Other Main Features of Gtunes Music Downloader Pro

Apart from the above few features, we have mentioned, there are some other interesting features of the Gtunes music downloader. Let’s have a look at them;

1. Like most music player apps, Gtunes music downloader app can function as a player and also manages all your songs within the app itself.
2. It lets you preview a song before you download them to make sure that it is the exact song that you are looking for and also see the quality of the song to suit your need.
3. Like most apps, it gives the option to either download songs or mp3 directly to your device’s memory or external SD storage or memory card.
4. As mentioned earlier, with its simple interface one can easily search any songs by artist name or song name etc.
5. Huge database and high-quality music.
6. Unlike most music downloader apps, there are no download limits, so you can download as many songs as you like.
7. Another special feature is the Music Editor, which lets you cut any songs and also edit the song or album information.
8. Gtunes got Three Search Engines A, B, C and D which you can switch them when you don’t find what you are looking for in one search engine.

How to Use GTunes Music Download Pro

First, you will need to download GTunes Music Download Pro apk from the download link given below. Here’s a walkthrough on how to use it.

Searching and Downloading Music in GTunes

Below are the main functions of Gtunes and how to use;

1. Once you have downloaded and installed on your device, open GTunes.
2. On the App homepage, tap on the Search Icon (the first button). To search a song, type the name of a song or by artist or by genre on the Search bar. Once you have entered, tap on the Search icon on the left-hand side of the search bar.

Gtune search
3. Wait for a few seconds for the search engine to find out the song for you.
4. In case, if it doesn’t find out the song you are looking for, change the Search Engine from A to B, or from B to C and so on.

gtune search engines
5. A list of songs will be displayed, tap on the Song to Preview, Download or Share with friends. A Preview will let you listen, Download will let you download to your device along with the option to Edit the Song Info. Here you can give whatever name you want and by tapping on the Share button will take you to a page will all the messaging and social networking platforms where you can share with friends.

gtune search results

gtune funtions

gtune edit feature
6. By tapping on the Chart, it will display the current Chart List from different countries such as USA Billboard Chart, Taiwan Hito Chart, UK Singles Chart, iTunes Chart, Chinese Music, English Music Latest, latest South Korean Music, Japanese, Channel [V] Chart and many more. Tapping or Clicking on each Chart will take you to a list of Top 10 Songs.

Tunes Music Downloader
7. The Download button displays a list of downloaded songs.
8. The Library button takes you to a page where you can manage all of your songs by Artists, Albums, Genres, Folders, and Playlists.

gTunes Music Downloader library
9. Tapping on the Editor takes you to the Editor page, where you can cut songs and tracks.

gTunes Music Downloader Editor
10. The Share button for sharing your songs with popular messaging platforms and networking sites.

Download GTunes Music Downloader Pro APK

Please note that GTunes Music Downloader is not yet available on the app store like Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Get the latest version of GTunes Music Downloader. Please do not download from other links or sites to stay safe from unwanted malware or virus. Before you install GTunes Music Downloader Pro APK, make sure that you have enabled the installation of APKs on your device. You can do this by going to your Phone Settings and then to Security, under the Security look “Unknown Sources” please mark or check that box to allow installation of GTunes Music Downloader Pro apk on your phone.

That’s it on Gtunes Music Downloader Pro app. Overall, Gtunes Music Downloader is one of the best music downloader free which is recommended for Searching, Downloading, and Listening music. If you know any other good free music downloader, kindly let us know in the comments. If you like this post, please share it to your social networking accounts.

This post was last updated on September 13, 2018.

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