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What is this song called: Top Apps & Sites to Identify the Name of a Song

What is this song called? Identify a name of a song! Well, we all love music and there are some situations when we only remember part of a song or sections of a song and we couldn’t just remember what song was that or what is that song? Or sometimes we often came across someone singing bla blah blahh around the corner of a street or a park trying to get the name of a song. Identifying songs playing at public places or at homes, clubs, bars, can be a pain. With modern technology, now, it is possible to easily identity almost any songs with the help of an applications. In this post, we will look into some of the best apps that will help you in identify the name of a song, find a song name or find the name of that song or What is this song called.

Shazam – We have tried several song identifying apps, so far Shazam is the one app that is best for identify a name of a song. Shazam is best for when you hear a song playing around or near your or in a cab, bar or in a party. However, there is one disadvantage to Shazam that you cannot hum tunes to it.

What is this song called: What song is this app identify name of a song

Shazam works across various OS such as on Android, iOS/iPhone and Windows phones. Using Shazam is very easy, just download and install it to your phone, when you hear a song and you want to identify the song, just open it and hold your phone towards the audio source and tap the Tag button to let Shazam identify the playing music or song.

One of the best feature of Shazam is that it can Identify music even when you’re not connected to internet. Note that Shazam works only with pre-recorded music and not with live performances. You can see a lyrics of the song.

With the free version, Shazam allows users to identify up to 5 different track per month while the paid version, offers unlimited tracking for $4.99.

shazam app

Shazam has one of the largest database, it is regularly updated. Other features includes the ability to sync all your Shazams across all devices, sing along to songs with real-time music lyrics, or watch their videos. You can also follow your favorite artists to see what they’re Shazaming. It allows you to preview songs and add them to Spotify playlists as well.

With in-app purchases, you can buy songs in Google Play Music and also find out what’s popular locally and around the world in the Explore tap. You can also ask the Google app to Shazam for you! Just say, “Ok Google, Shazam this song. Visual recognition for posters, magazines, books and so much more.

Get Shazam for Android
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SoundHound – Among the application based SoundHound is the best for identifying a song by humming or singing. We have tested this app and it works a lot like Shazam, but SoundHound can identify a song by humming unlike Shazam. It is available on Android, iOS/iPhones, Windows and BlackBerry phone. It has a large database of music, so you will be able to identify almost any song.

soundhound app

Identifying a song with SoundHound is easy, just download and install in your phone. Open the app, Tap the orange button and get your phone close to the source of the audio or humming. SoundHound will then match the song and give you complete details like Lyrics and options to listen along with links to YouTube, Pandora, or Spotify, with in-app purchase. Also options to share the result on your favorites social networks like Facebook, twitter and other social media apps and save your tags for the future.

When we compared Shazam and SoundHound, we find out that SoundHound seems to provide more accurate results than Shazam. However, to identify songs by humming or lyrics one need to be very precise for SoundHound to identify it.

Other features includes the ability to access your History, showing your previous searches to add to your Spotify playlist. You can aslo search hands-free. Just say “OK Hound, what’s this song?”

It also display weekly featured songs, videos, artists & albums. It lets you find out what’s being played near you & around the world. Not only that, you can also view about ‘Artists Born Today’, showcasing artists on their birthday, artist photos & biographies, album release dates & band info and many more.

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Midomi – Among the web based, Midomi is the best and truly amazing ultimate music search tool which is completely free to use. Just go the website, click on the Find music bar icon which says ‘Click and Sing or Hum’ and start singing, humming, or whistling for around 10 seconds to instantly find out your favorite music. Alternatively, you may play a short recording of that “unknown” track for Midomi to identify its name. Midomi will then search from its huge database of searchable and give you the best results along with different options relevant to the search. It is good to practice at least 10 seconds before you hum or sing to get the best result.

midomi music search

To use the site, all you need is a working microme (in-built or external mic) a working flash player, if you don’t have you can install any flash player. Midomi also offers mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Nokia Ovi and Windows Mobile phones.

Go here to Midomi

Musixmatch – is another beautiful app for recognition of songs and lyrics. It claimed to have the world’s largest collection of song lyrics. Musixmatch is completely free to use and it is available on Android, iOS/iPhone, Windows phone and Windows PC.

It is a smart music recognition tool, just type the lyrics, Musixmatch from its large database will provide you accurate song you are looking for. The only downside to Musixmatch is that you cannot sing, hum or whistle the tune fo find out songs. This app is good for those who have remember part of the lyrics of the songs.


Other features of Musixmatch includes, the ability to view song lyrics with music from Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Play Music and other popular streaming services. Searching song by title, artist and even just using a single line of the lyrics. It also comes with all the basic features of a music player.

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Musipedia – is the open music encyclopedia which is inspired by Wikipedia. It has a searchable, editable, and expandable collection of tunes, melodies, and musical themes. All the entries can be edited by anybody.

Musipedia makes use of the “Melodyhound” melody search engine. You can find and identify a tune even if the melody is all you know. You can even play it on a piano keyboard, whistle it to the computer by simply tapping the rhythm on the computer keyboard or use the Parsons code.


It also provides the options to base your search on melody i. e., pitch and rhythm), melodic contour, or just rhythm. Identify a melody by entering it with a Flash-based piano, a JavaScript-based piano, by dragging the mouse, or whistle it to the computer using a microphone.

If you are unsure about the exact intervals between notes, try the Melodic Contour Search. This way, all you need to know is whether the tune goes up, down, or if the pitch stays the same. For an even simpler (but less specific) way of searching, try the Rhythm-based “Query by Tapping” search method.

Go to Musipedia

WatZatSong is another web creative app to help you recognize songs. On WatZatSong site just sign up and upload an mp3 file of the song, it can be just a section of the songs or a loosely recorded mp3 or any recorded song.


WatZatSong members will then give or suggest the name of the song. Unlike most recognizing apps or site, on WatZatSong you will have to rely on other people replying to whatever you upload. Since it depends on the members for the answer, unlike other apps and sites it is time consuming.

Got to WatZatSong

Google Sound Search  Google has an app for identifying songs playing around which is called Sound Search. However, it is available only for Android OS in selected countries only and works on Android 4.0 and up running. It works as a homescreen widgets and works a lot like Shazam. Just open your Google Play or go to Play Store and search for Sound Search fro Google Play. Download and install in your device, once the installation process is completed, just touch your homescreen and tap on Widgets. Look for Sound Search Touch and hold the What’s this song? icon to place it to your homescreen or move it wherever you want it to be.

google sound search

Here’s how you search a song. While a song is playing, just touch What’s this song icon? To view the song touch the price. To use voice search Say, “OK Google, what song is this?” then Touch the mic icon and ask, “what song is this?” say anything like a part of the song or section of the song.

‘Hey Siri’ – Apple uses Shazam’s algorithm to find out what song is playing around you using the in-built Siri app. To use this function, first enabled Siri in your phone by going to Settings and turned ON Siri also make sure that you have working internet connection either through Wi-Fi or cellular data. Here’s is how you use Siri;

hey siri what song is this

# Just Press and hold the iPhone’s “Home” button to open Siri.
# Once opened, two quick beeps will tell you that Siri has woken up.
# Ask a question or instruct Siri to find out what song is this.
# Name that tune and Siri will listen to the song playing through the microphones and will display to you the list on the screen.
# It also provides you an option to buy that song from Itunes, if you don’t need to buy it, just see the name of the song and its artist and get it from other sources.

Snapchat – If you are one of those guys using Snapchat then you need longer need any other apps for identifying songs. Snapchat has recently linked a deal with Shazam to integrate Shazam with the Snapchat app. However, to use this feature, you need to update your Snapchat app to the latest version. Once you have the latest Snapchat app installed in your device you can straight away start identifying songs. Here’s how you do it;

What song is this Snapchat

# Open your Snapchat app, just press and hold on the camera screen to Shazam a song. Get your phone towards the source of the music or audio.
# If Snapchat/Shazam recognizes the song, a pop-up screen will appear with the name of the song and other information. Tapping on the ‘Song Info,’ button will give you a full-screen summary of the song. Swiping up will let you listen to an excerpt of the song.

Tunatic is a software based song indentifying apps which runs on Windows and Mac OS. Tunatic is a freeware and it is completely free to download. Like the above apps and sites, just let Tunatic hear it and it will give you the artist’s name and the song’s title within seconds. All you need is a microphone and Internet access. Using is quite easy, just the software and install into your computer. Once installed launch the application, click the ‘search’ button, Tunatic transmits the song’s features to the Tunatic server. The server searches its database and returns the matching song.


What you need to run Tunatic is a computer/ PC running Windows 2000, XP or better or a macintosh running Mac OS X v10.2 or better. Internet access with a microphone plugged to your computer or you can plug your sound source directly to your computer. If you don’t have any microphone you can use your PC built-in microphone.

Visit Tunatic

FolkTuneFinder is a web based melody search engine for folk tunes in ABC notation. You can songs in a number of ways such as by humming, playing the melody or by title.


If you’ve got a song or tune in your head and you just can’t remember it, just type a few notes into folk tune finder and you will get a result. It has a huge database and there are lots of different pieces of information that you can get out of a tune, some of them unexpected. You can browse it all on the detailed search page.

Go to FolkTuneFinder

Google Search is another great way of identifying a song , provided if you know parts of the lyrics of a song. Like you normally use, you can use Google to find out the song you are looking for. Just open Google, on the search bar enter the phrases of the lyrics that you remember or playing in your mind within quotes and hit enter.

identify song name by google search

For example, if you remember “I wanna rock” type that within quotes and hit the search button. Google will then display all the relevant lyrics. If you know the title of the song and artiste you can make use of YouTube to search the song.

TrackID Music Recognition is another great song identifier app with a huge user base. We have tested this app and it seems to provide what it promises to deliver. It works almost the same way like Shazam and Soundhound and has a huge song database to deliver good results. With this app, you can find the song you are listening to within seconds. With its clean user friendly interface, it is easy to use. Just open the app, tap the button to find out the name of a song playing near you in just a second.

TrackID Music Recognition

The best part is with offline mode, you can even capture the track you are listening to and identify the music when your Internet connection is restored. It also lets you listen to a preview of the song you find for free. You can connect TrackID to Spotify and listen to the songs you have identified. It also provides you the track title and artist name, album name and cover art, genre of the track, albums record label and release year, artist’s picture and in-depth biography and many more.

Get TrackID Music Recognition for Android

That’s it on What is this song called. We hope these tools and apps help you to identify the name of a song or find the name of a song you are looking for.

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