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Simple Mp3 Downloader – Download Free Mp3

Simple mp3 Downloader is a very powerful music downloader app, that is easy to use with a large database. This app is available only for Android, another important characteristic is its simplicity, in fact find and download a song could be done by everyone and this isn’t just a detail but one of the most important characteristic of a software. No doubt, one of the Best mp3 downloader because it has been licensed to be downloaded for free.This app allows you to download mp3 format files onto your external storage device or simply streaming them.

You just have to type the name of the song or of the artist that you’re looking for, tap search and download it. This app also puts all your downloaded songs in one place, the Library, so you can easily access them when you need to get your dose of music. Unlike many other apps, Simple MP3 Downloader allows you to hear the song first before you download it. Apart from this downloading part, this app can be used as music player and plays all formats like WAV, MP2, MP3, MID, WAM, and OGG. This app can also be used by windows operating systems. Simple mp3 downloader comes in 15 languages. The app works on Android versions as low as 2.2 and its maximum requirement is 4.3 and it is only 2.5 MB in size unlike other related apps that are huge.

simple mp3 downloader

With Simple MP3 Downloader you can enjoy free Copyleft and CC licensed music. Downloading Free MP3 music tracks cannot get any easier than this. Another addiction is the information it provides like artist name, album, release year and whatever else is available for each specific track, you also get a high-res album cover art with every song. With a large a collection of songs, with Simple MP3-Downloader you can think of any songs and download it in just a few seconds.

Simple mp3 downloader for android

It’s database is one of the most complete ones out there. All the songs are provided legally. This music downloader for android is another best free application that allows you to download copyleft music directly from your smartphone. Simple mp3 Downloader is a great app for music lovers that own Androids, who will find all the songs they want to listen to within the swipe of a finger’s reach–convenient and simple music downloading and streaming. The only downside of this app is that the developer of is no longer providing support for the program. However you can still give it a try.

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